Case Study

Roche Diagnostics: Strategy development (B)

4 pages
April 2021
Reference: IMD-7-2176

The CEO decided to hold off on announcing anything before including everyone, all 1600 employees in Roche Diagnostics, in engaging in the strategy development process, in getting their views on where the company should play and how it should win in the future. Frank Desiere, VP Strategy and Business Development, Roche Diagnostics CPS now faced a dilemma. After all of the discussions and decisions made in 2017 based on the approach he facilitated, how was he going to engage 1600 people in developing the strategy, when the strategy had already been developed?

Learning Objective
  • Cascading strategy development to as wide an audience as possible – given that strategy development in the past has been typically performed in a small group. The participants learn how to create such a journey.
Inclusive Leadership, Strategy Development, Strategic Planning, Strategy Alignment
World/global, Switzerland
Roche Holding, Healthcare
2017 - 2018
Field Research
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