Case Study

Infosys: Effectively leveraging global resources

12 pages
July 2007
Reference: IMD-3-1814

For over 25 years Infosys had consistently under-promised and over delivered on expectations. Since it went public in 1993, its stock price had risen three thousand fold, it had received the “Best Employer” award in India for several consecutive years, and it had pioneered and perfected its Global Delivery Model that leveraged India’s skilled technological resources and lower labor costs to deliver high value and quality software solutions. Despite stellar performance over the past years, Infosys could not rest on its laurels. IBM Consulting, Accenture, and Cap Gemini were racing to make India the core of their offshoring strategies. Management knew that the company needed to continuously innovate its offerings to stay ahead of the competition. The dilemma posed in the case study is what comes next for Infosys as it tries to maintain its stellar growth and profit performance.

Learning Objective

Disaggregating the human capital supply chain — how companies compete effectively by leveraging global resources.

Outsourcing, Information Technology, Globalization
Field Research
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