Professor Georges Haour

French, Swiss
Technology and Innovation Management
PhD University of Toronto


Dr. Georges Haour is Emeritus Professor of Technology & Innovation Management. He also acts as an adviser to firms and organizations in his area of value-creation through effective management of the innovation process, as well as commercialisation of technology.

Georges has eight Europe/ US granted patents, 110 publications and four books in his theme of “creating value and jobs through effective innovation management”. Following Resolving the Innovation Paradox, his latest book is: From Science to Business: How Firms Create Value by partnering with Universities (; Palgrave, London, 2011), where is shown how effective knowledge & technology transfer from universities/public laboratories to firms result in creating new activities and jobs, at a time when the world must transform, requiring numerous innovations. In this book, there is an emphasis on China as an emerging source of innovations for the world.

Georges' latest book is on innovation in China. Titled "Created in China.....", it has been published by Bloomsbury, in London, in January 2016.This longstanding project brings him regularly to China and he recently stayed there for 2,5 months.

He founded the yearly International Forum for Technology Management, which held at Tongji University in 2003. For several years, he served on the jury for the Innovation Award of The Economist.

In Basel, in 2006, together with Dr F. Bühler, formerly with Roche, he founded the executive course ECLE for managers from the healthcare sector. He is on the board of six organizations, including three start-ups and an investment fund.

Prior to joining IMD, Dr. Haour was a manager at Battelle, in Geneva, where, for nine years, he led a business unit carrying out innovation projects on behalf of companies in Europe, Japan and the USA. In this capacity, he significantly grew his unit’s sales and hired professionals from six countries. Several of his innovations, licensed to firms, resulted in large new business for the client- companies. Earlier, he was a researcher at ATT's Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey. He also worked with Marshall McLuhan at his Centre for Culture, Society and Technology, in Toronto.

He holds a Master of Sciences from ENSCP- Higher School of Chemistry, in Paris and a Ph.D from the University of Toronto, Canada.


Georges Haour is the author of numerous articles, case studies and projects in the above mentioned fields. Find out more information about Georges Haour's publications

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