Is this program for me?

This program is ideal for you if you are a senior learning leader looking to expand your impact on business performance and organizational results.

Your responsibilities typically cover areas such as learning, talent management, human resources, management development, technical training and learning technologies.

Join as one, join as a team

To accelerate the impact of learning, join as a team from the same organization. You will develop a common language, strategy and approach which you will be able to transfer immediately back at work. Special team offer is available (see under Fee below). 


Virtual liVe program consist of 5 consecutive weeks of two half-days weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays), as well as pre- and post-program support and follow-up.


Program sessions 2022

Program Dates Location
OLA LIVE 2022 November 15 to December 15* LiVe Virtual

liVe Sessions Schedule

    Start time (CET) End time (CET)
From November 15th to December 15th
Tuesday  15/11/2022 10:00 14:30
Thursday 17/11/2022 10:00 14:30
Tuesday 22/11/2022 10:00 14:30
Thursday 24/11/2022 10:00 14:30
Tuesday 29/11/2022 10:00 14:30
Thursday 01/12/2022 10:00 14:30
Tuesday 06/12/2022 10:00 14:30
Thursday 08/12/2022 10:00 14:30
Tuesday 13/12/2022 10:00 14:30
Thursday 15/12/2022 10:00 14:30


Lausanne session: CHF 9,000*

The program fee includes pre- and post-program support. Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are also included.

Special team offer: The fourth participant from the same company will have complimentary admission to the program.

*All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.

*IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

Admission, payment & cancellation processes

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IMD complies with applicable laws and regulations, including with respect to international sanctions that may be imposed on individuals and countries. This policy applies to all applications for IMD programs from individuals or organizations, and any commercial or non-commercial partnerships.