Your virtual learning journey

Designed to ensure you make corporate learning a key driver of business growth.

Your virtual learning journey

Designed to ensure you make corporate learning a key driver of business growth.

Your learning journey in 3 steps

The program is composed of three parts, a preparation phase, a set of liVe sessions, and a follow-up phase. The core of the program will be delivered virtually across 5 consecutive weeks.

Step 1: Ahead ofĀ the program

Before joining the liVe Virtual program, you will engage in a detailed diagnosis of your organization’s learning strategy and practices. You will watch pre-program webinars and read preparation materials so that when you join the program, we have a head start.

Step 2: Your liVe Virtual program experience

The program employs a range of methods, including:

  • Applied learning
    Program delivered over 5 weeks allows for direct sharing and application of learning.
  • Dynamic & interactive sessions in real timeĀ 
    Unprecedented learning experience with faculty and peers, enabled by the latest virtual classroom technology.
  • Built-in collaboration tools for maximum interaction
    Live Q&A and polling, breakout debriefing with faculty and experts.
  • International guest speakers
    A selection of experts from around the world joining the sessions.
  • Virtual start-up visits
    Meet with start-ups in the Learning Technology field.
  • Enhanced networking opportunitiesĀ to maximize your connections
    High level of peer engagement in a virtual community setting, regular breakout activities and small group collaborations.


Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to apply the ideas and concepts you learn to your own company’s situation and to benefit from the diverse experience of your corporate learning peers and faculty.

Program topics:

  • Cultural enablers of learning.
  • Adult learning and instructional design concepts.
  • Governance and stakeholder management.
  • Change management principles and practices.
  • Strategy tools and frameworks.
  • Learning technology vehicles.
  • Branding and marketing concepts.
Step 3: Back at work

You continue working on your specific challenges in learning tandems and become a member of the IMD corporate learning community for the sharing of emerging new practices and tools.