Executive Leadership Program

Want to Overcome Your Leadership Challenges?

Become the leader you’re meant to be with an IMD executive leadership program

An executive leadership program that taps into your skills to take your leadership to the next level? That lets you experiment with your leadership style? That focuses on your own issues? And which provides long-term support to help you become the leader you’re meant to be?

Where is it and how does it work?

IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, offers exactly this kind of accelerated leadership program with Mobilizing People - which helps experienced managers explore and improve their leadership in order to better mobilize teams toward key business goals.

What makes Mobilizing People a great executive leadership program?

1. People power:

A great leader understands the dynamics of human behavior in different situations - and especially his or her own role in these dynamics. A great executive leadership program therefore focuses on increasing your self-awareness, as well as your ability to use this awareness. Mobilizing People is built on the principle that “change begins with me”. You’ll become more aware of the dynamics around you, more sensitive to situations and people – and therefore more responsive as a leader.

Executive Leadership Program

2. Your style and no-one else’s:

An executive leadership program that tries to give you tips to mimic the leadership style of great leaders is bound to fail. A quality executive leadership program provides leadership frameworks - but also focuses on helping you to build your own leadership style. Mobilizing People offers hands-on experience and experimentation so you get the feel for using the skills in you that help you lead well. Leadership exercises give you the chance to practice leadership with small and large teams and explore your leadership style.

What’s more, the program focuses directly on issues that participants bring with them – things like understanding group behavior, building the capacity to lead complex change or making life transitions. This direct relevance makes for an even more effective executive leadership program. 

3. Professional leadership coaching:

Leadership coaching is a powerful tool for leadership development. That’s why leadership coaching plays a key role in a great executive leadership program. Individual and small group leadership coaching is integrated throughout IMD’s Mobilizing People program. In a safe and supportive way, your coach helps you make sense of the different aspects of your leadership, challenges you to explore who you want to be as a leader – and help you make it happen. Coaches can also help you formulate a personal leadership development plan to further facilitate the positive change for the future.

Executive Leadership Program

4. Follow-though:

After a good executive leadership program you’ll head back to the office with a deeper understanding of yourself and bursting with motivation and new ideas. But then, with daily office work, demands or politics, the positive outcomes may well evaporate. That’s why a great executive leadership program includes post-program support. Beyond the 9 days at Mobilizing People, two follow-up coaching sessions (or more if you wish) help you implement your learning in the real world – your career, your organization, your life – for sustained impact on your leadership performance.

And the results?

You’ve developed the skills to motivate your team and lead with impact. That kind of feedback should give you confidence in the quality of an executive leadership training program.

Still looking for an Executive Leadership Program?

Discover how IMD's Mobilizing People program unlocks your leadership potential. 

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