IMD MBA Career Service

Finding the right career is not just about attending on-campus recruiting events.

IMD's career services team works with you throughout the year to assess career opportunities based on your individual goals and skill sets.

The first half of the program focuses strongly on an intense and unique career audit methodology to develop self-awareness, identify skill gaps and capture value from transferable skills. In addition, you will benefit from:

  • Internal and external career counselors
  • Seminars on job search strategies, interviewing and salary negotiations
  • Panels with international senior HR executives
  • MBA recruitment mentoring program

The second half of the program allows you to individualize your curriculum in view of your personal post-MBA ambitions and to leverage IMD’s executive alumni network.

You will gain invaluable exposure through opportunities to showcase your learnings and capabilities in front of recruiters, alumni, and executives around the world.

Location Showcasing event Date
On-campus Navigating the Future conference June
IMD OWP Executive Briefings June
London, Munich, Zurich Executive Briefings June
Global Company Engagement Projects July/August
China/Japan, USA/Mexico, Dubai/Singapore Discovery Expeditions August
On-campus MBA Career fairs and MBA recruiting events September/October
On and off-campus Networking and alumni events Ongoing

Each year the career services team collaborates closely with 60-70 companies who take part in our MBA recruiting activities. They develop an understanding of each company’s specific culture, hiring needs and recruiting style to help make the connections that lead to informed career decisions.

What recruiters say

The CFOs of tomorrow do not only need financial expertise. Strategic brilliance, intercultural sensitivity, and leading by example are key competencies required in global industry. IMD Business School lays a great foundation here for their MBAs. Students joining the Siemens Finance Excellence Program will quickly be able to excel and have real impact in the financial world of Siemens.

Amin Hopfinger

FEP Program Manager