On campus program
Cultivating Leadership Energy Through Awareness and Reflection

Rediscover the extraordinary and transform your leadership.

On campus program

Cultivating Leadership Energy Through Awareness and Reflection

Rediscover the extraordinary and transform your leadership.

Location Lausanne

Length 10 months (3 modules)

Fee CHF 45,000

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Reinforce and sustain your leadership impact across all dimensions of your organization, and your life

Cultivating Leadership Energy Through Awareness and Reflection (CLEAR) is an exclusive, holistic leadership journey for senior executives that spans 10 months, inspiring lasting change.

This journey challenges you to become a more responsible and engaged senior leader by building a Leadership Operating System that establishes trust, provides clarity and builds momentum, for yourself and your organization. CLEAR enables you to amplify your impact and influence across all spheres of your life and to build a leadership legacy that positively balances profit, people and the planet.

Working closely with an international peer-group, faculty and coaches throughout the journey, you will experience a truly transformative change in how you approach leadership and your life.

Build a Leadership Operating System

Nurture a high-performance culture built on trust and clarity to drive positive momentum across the organization.

Nurture holistic, self-aware leadership

Comprehensively strengthen how you engage across all levels of your leadership (self, team, organizational, societal).

Improve your ability to self-reflect

Rediscover your motivation and inspiration to recharge and step off the ‘hamster wheel’ of constant pressure and conflicting priorities.

Integrated coaching

Work with world-class faculty, your peers and professional executive coaches every step of the way throughout the CLEAR journey.

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You and your class

You are a senior executive, at or near the top of your company or business unit. Whether you’re at committee, group or divisional level, you’re recognized as a key business influencer within your organization.

You join an exclusive group of peers who face similar challenges and levels of complexity in their work. Your class will be limited in size so you are guaranteed the best possible environment for maximum learning, commitment and engagement.

After graduation, you will be invited to join the CLEAR alumni group and connect with other graduates who meet on an annual basis to broaden their learnings and have frank, confidential and inspiring exchanges. Read more about admission criteria.

Experience the program
Rediscover how to thrive as a responsible and holistic senior leader – Discover the program highlights.
“Unexpected!” – Hear more about past participants’ experiences.
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Beyond strengthening their core leadership capabilities, we invite top executives to assess the operating system they create and the energy they unleash to produce the best results.

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Shlomo Ben-Hur Program Director
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Learning how to bridge the knowing-doing gap is essential for executives in a world where our individual actions may have a profound impact on our collective future.

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Susan Goldsworthy Associate Program Director
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Length: 3 residential modules (20 days teaching) with executive coaching and inter-module support over 10 months. Next session to be confirmed.

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