Leadership Essentials – your learning journey

This online course is 5 weeks long. It’s long enough for you to apply to your own working context what you learn and experience a profound impact in your interpersonal relationships.

Unit 1 - Understanding your personality & values

  • Discover your personality traits and values
  • Understand personality traits and values and how they impact your leadership role and effectiveness as a leader
  • Learn how to build on your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses

Unit 2 - Managing power

  • Identify the various bases of power
  • Understand your own dominant power bases and how best to use them
  • Practice how to translate power into status/leadership

Unit 3 - Influencing & persuading others

  • Know the core principles of psychological influence
  • Understand and practice how to use these principles in your own influence challenges at work

Unit 4 - Performance management & feedback

  • Understand the main components of delivering negative feedback (including trust-building)
  • Know when to use and distinguish formal versus ongoing performance feedback
  • Learn how to deliver a formal performance review

Unit 5 - Working in teams

  • Discover what makes a high-performing team and how you can develop your own team into becoming one
  • Understand how you can support your team's creativity
  • Discover how errors and extrinsic motivators (besides money!) can foster creativity