IMD Board Director Diploma

Your path towards certified board excellence.

IMD Board Director Diploma

Your path towards certified board excellence.

Location Lausanne
Length 9 days with flexible timetable
Fee CHF 28,000

Gain and certify the necessary skills to excel as a modern board member

The IMD Board Director Diploma certifies that you are equipped with all the skills required to succeed success as a modern board member. Master the latest best practices in board governance and achieve both breadth and depth of knowledge, so you can confidently sit on any global board.

Combine IMD’s High Performance Boards program with either three programs from the Board Practice Series, or two programs from this series plus IMD’s Driving Sustainability from the Boardroom to qualify for the diploma. You may take the four programs in any order. Depending on your selection of programs, you can attain the diploma certification within 9 days.

40 years of experience

Be inspired by the latest research and the world’s best boards. Draw on more than 40 years of board education experience to prepare your board to face the challenges of a complex world.

Extensive portfolio

Gain both breadth and depth of knowledge across a range of key topics to confidently sit on any board. Such as: teams dynamics, digital transformation, finance etc.

Certified board excellence

Certify your board skills with the IMD Board Director Diploma in just 9 days, depending on your selection of programs.

Customize your learning journey

Build your personalized learning journey from a combination of programs covering multiple topics – see journeys from alumni.

Marie-Françoise Damesin
Board member
Renault Spain, Urbanis, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Applus+
Her diploma journey
Christian Gellerstad
Independent board member
Pictet, Crédit Suisse, Investis Holding SA
His diploma journey
Till Bohbot
Founder & CEO
His diploma journey
Education tailored for the board

Board education is a competitive advantage to governance and best-in-class boards continue to educate themselves to bring value to their executive teams. Learn more how you can certify your governance skills with the IMD Board Director Diploma.

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