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Providing the family business world and academic communities with new cutting-edge research and knowledge.

Through our research and educational work with family businesses from all over the world, we have gained some extraordinary insights into the dynamics that can drive family businesses either to outstanding achievements or to failure.

Innovation & sustainability: Become the change you wish to see

Lessons from the family-run firm Widex by Professor Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez

The Westermann and Tøpholm families have always been dedicated to the continual improvement of technology to enhance people’s quality of life, so maintaining their traditional values and the relentless quest for technological breakthroughs are disciplines that go hand-in-hand.

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Secrets of success in long-lasting family firms

What are the features of family firms with sustained high performance over decades or even centuries? by Professor Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez

Only a small minority of highly successful business-owning families have exceled and thrived through several generations. Discover the 4 principles for successful long-lasting family firms.

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Family business books to inspire you

IMD Family Business Faculty have a long tradition of writing inspiring and successful books. Available on Amazon and from our campus bookshop.

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Pentland Group: A family of brands

Lessons from the winner of the 2017 IMD Global Family Business Award by Professor Benoit F. Leleux with Marta Widz

Receiving one of the most prestigious accolades for "excellence in family business" was a memorable moment for Andy Rubin, third generation family shareholder and chairman of Pentland Brands – the brand management division of Pentland Group plc.

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Why family philanthropy will gain importance in resolving today’s challenges

A turning point by Professor Peter Vogel

While charitable giving has been around for a long time, philanthropy in the form we know it today is a comparatively new phenomenon.

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