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New Book
Family Office Navigator

Your Guide to Building a Multigenerational Family Office

New Book

Family Office Navigator

Your Guide to Building a Multigenerational Family Office

In today’s complex world, family offices play a pivotal role in safeguarding a family’s heritage and unity while preserving and growing generational wealth. As the world around us evolves, so too must family offices adapt to meet the changing needs of their families. The Family Office Navigator offers enterprising families a comprehensive and practical guide to design a modern family office that considers the complexity of their family, wealth, and enterprise in turbulent times.

Upon completing the Family Office Navigator, you will have:

Understood the critical role of family offices within your family enterprise ecosystem.

Explored the underlying motivations and aspirations driving your family office journey.

Crafted a well-defined purpose for your family office, covering both financial and non-financial objectives.

Determined the key activities and services of your family office.

Chosen the appropriate resources and structures, while establishing vigilant oversight and sound governance.

Acquired the knowledge and confidence to launch a new family office or to redefine the course of your existing one.

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Book Launch event

In recent webinars, Peter Vogel in collaboration with John Davis, Martin Liechti and Courtney Collette from the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG) celebrated the launch of their newest book and toolkit, the Family Office Navigator. 

What experts say about the book

The Family Office Navigator is an indispensable guide for business-owning families at all stages of evolution, aiding in refining strategies and establishing family office structures to think and act beyond the legacy business.

Farhad Forbes Co-Chairman of Forbes Marshall and Chairman of FBN International

The Family Office Navigator provides valuable insights about how family offices support the broader Family Enterprise Ecosystem. A must-read for all enterprising families.

Sara Hamilton Founder and Board Chair, Family Office Exchange

The Family Office Navigator is a profound guide on tailoring family offices. Even with our century-long legacy, we rely on this book for future evolution.

Kazuto Fukuhara Principal and Deputy CEO of the Fukuhara Group

The Family Office Navigator is the breakthrough book of its domain. It’s a must-read practical guide for families on their journey of setting up or redesigning their family office and an indispensable reference book for professionals in the domain.

Alexander Osterwalder Co-founder of Strategyzer and award-winning author of Business Model Generation

A timely and valuable source of guidance and insight, created through careful research and analysis, written in an accessible style. A must-read for families engaged in designing, perfecting and utilizing their family office to achieve their ambitions.

Alexander Scott Chairman of Schroders Family Office Service, Director of FBN International and co-president of the Family Office Community of FBN and Trustee of Grosvenor Estate

The Family Office Navigator is not only a required reading for those thinking of or in the process of setting up a family office, but also those families who’ve already set one up. The Navigator gives a clear and detailed explanation of the best practices for any family offices looking to run their organisation with professionalism and success.

David Bain Founder and Publisher of Family Capital

There is too much advice on what to do to create an effective family office, but very little about how to make it happen. “The Navigator” is a new kind of reader—a “do-book” that leads a family through the actions they can take together to start, build, and continually redefine their family office. While most guides focus exclusively on financial elements, this one takes a more holistic view of total family wealth, including essential non-financial elements. It’s an essential guide for every business family as they transition from their legacy business to a portfolio of family enterprises.

Dennis Jaffe Advisor to enterprising families and author of “Wealth 3.0: The Future of Family Wealth Advising”

The Family Office Navigator is a truly unique and engaging book by thought leaders in the family office field. It is a definite must read for all families who wish to establish a family office or wish to rethink their existing family office strategy. It provides practical, easy to use and insightful tools that can be immediately implemented in your family office activities.

Dino Tan Senior Vice President & Head of Family Business Division, Singapore Economic Development Board

At a time where families are faced with increased complexity and volatility, The Family Office Navigator is a must read for any family that wants to stay successful across generations. It will help you build and implement an effective family office strategy in an engaging and hands-on way.

Edouard Thijssen CoFounder of Trusted Family

A practical and user-friendly tool for families and their advisors who wish to set up or redesign the family office. The Navigator guides and engages readers with step-by-step ideas and strategic processes – all in a playful way.

Judy Green, PhD President of the Family Firm Institute

The Family Office Navigator is your quick-start, hands-on guide to inspire wealth creators, their advisors, and operators to shape their family office to reflect their needs. It is both educational and actionable, making it a perfect companion for any family looking for guidance during the setup of a new family office or during the process of transforming an existing one. Written for the layperson, this book is easy to read, full of visuals and helpful templates, and yet grapples with advanced family office topics. This will be a fantastic addition to your library.

Kirby Rosplock CEO- Tamarind Partners and Tamarind Learning

A highly valuable and very much needed tool to demystify different types of Family Offices and supporting families and their advisors to define the purpose, develop structures and implement governance that are customized to the needs of one family. This makes the Family Office Navigator so valuable and unique.

Peter Englisch Partner, Global Family Business and EMEA Entrepreneurial & Private Business Leader bei PwC

An indispensable compass for families navigating the complex world of wealth management. ‘The Family Office Navigator’ is your guide to shaping a lasting legacy, addressing both financial and non-financial aspects. A must-read for those committed to securing their family’s future.

Susana Gallardo President of the Board of the Gallardo Family Group and co-president of the Family Office Community of FBN
Discover the book authors and team
Peter Vogel - IMD Business School
Peter Vogel

“To my co-author and friend, Mario, who left us far too early”

In my role as Professor and Director of the IMD Global Family Business Center, I have the privilege of working with enterprising families from around the world …

 - IMD Business School
Mario Marconi

‘’To life, to the future’’

Mario was passionate about his work and always recognized the wider purpose and values in each entrepreneurial family …

 - IMD Business School
Meet the team

“To all enterprising families, on their multigenerational journeys, in this turbulent world.”

Discover the team behind the book. Matt Falloon (editor), Courtney Collette, Martin Liechti, Marius Holzer (at Cambridge Family Enterprise Group), Alfredo Carlo, Veronica Maccari, Beatrice Schena and Elena Vasumini (At Housatonic design studio)

The book is a collaboration between IMD, Cambridge Family Enterprise Group and the Family Business Network.

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In memory of Mario, we hope this book will stand as one of the pillar stones that protect and bind families together, not only in good times but also in challenging ones.

Ivana, Filippo, and Leonardo Marconi (Mario’s Family)