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Inspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, scholars and organizations to change the system, to create and to share new solutions.


Inspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, scholars and organizations to change the system, to create and to share new solutions.

Stakeholders, consumers and organizations themselves are changing, adapting and reacting to the pressing needs and challenges facing our society. The IMD Social Entrepreneurship Initiative convenes the latest thinking, the game-changing ideas, and the lessons and insights from real-world business cases to challenge the system, share and disseminate new solutions, and help build momentum towards real social and societal change through innovation.

The Social Entrepreneurship Initiative:

· Generates and publishes world-class, peer-reviewed research into the success mechanisms, the collaborations and partnerships, and the long-term vision critical to making change a reality.

· Disseminates game-changing thinking and insights to inspire and guide practitioners and agents of change in ventures and corporations.

· Provides a place of convening for researchers and practitioners alike to forge new ties, connections and networks around societal change through innovation.

· Seeks to educate and train the next generation of thinkers and scholars through dedicated and expert-led academic seminars and conferences.

Our faculty publish prolifically in the world’s most prestigious academic journals, addressing the most critical emerging ideas in social entrepreneurship and capturing the learnings from new and oftentimes ‘quirky’ ventures: lessons and sources of insight that have plenty to teach every type of organization in every sector or industry.

The IMD Social Entrepreneurship Initiative is led by Sophie Bacq, Professor of Social Entrepreneurship. Sophie is a globally-recognized authority on social entrepreneurship and change. Her work has garnered numerous prizes, including Best Article awards from the Journal of Management Studies and the Academy of Management Perspectives.

Our programs

Our custom programs leverage cutting-edge research and the extensive experience of IMD Faculty and draw on the diverse perspectives of specialists, guest speakers, participants, and organizations from around the world.

“Social enterprises have long demonstrated that it is possible to balance financial viability with positive societal impact. They teach us the challenges to watch for, and the organizational mechanisms to put in place as contemporary businesses contemplate their own impact on society.”




Sophie Bacq Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative