Case Study

PepsiCo in Mexico (B): Making big bets

6 pages
July 2008
Reference: IMD-3-1990

This is the continuation of the PepsiCo in Mexico A-case. Must-win battles (MWB) have been installed in the organization. The CEO is now proposing to put a new organization in place. Should he? More complexity, more ambiguity. And it is very soon after the MWB rollout so no results are in. Senior manager from New York has just visited and added to the pressure.

Learning Objective

To understand how to make must-win battles become real, and make a major change initiative real. The difference between a superficial PowerPoint driven change, and real change. Bottom line: the turnaround was extremely successful. In mid 2008 Gamesa Quaker was the fastest growing, most printable cookie company in the world.

Leading Change, Must-win Battles, Turnaround, Reorganization
Field Research
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