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Transforming goals into action with strategy execution training

Strategy execution is about translating an organization's strategic initiatives into action. As the final step in what can sometimes be an arduous process, strategy execution is vitally important to get right for your company, especially if it is a key component of its business transformation.

In practical terms, that means translating the strategic initiatives spelled out in your plan into specific measures that your organization will undertake over a defined timeframe. For many business managers, strategy execution is a moment of truth: will all the high-level plans and multi-year projects come to fruition as envisaged?

Strategic initiatives are usually aligned with a company's vision statement or list of priorities, so it is important for you to follow through with high impact. Executive training programs specifically geared to the process of planning and implementing strategic initiatives can help you master the challenges with confidence. The right executive education offered by one of the top business schools in the world can ensure that your strategy execution becomes more than just a "muddling through" process.

Gain knowledge you can directly put to use

Strategy ExecutionAs a senior executive you have already accomplished much. And you have learned a lot about business development strategy and execution on the job. So you may well ask: what is to be gained from seeking out professional management training on strategy execution?

There are several reasons why you should consider an executive development program to help meet the specific demands of enacting strategic initiatives. For one thing, the international marketplace is rapidly changing and the business world is becoming a more complicated place. You can benefit from the global perspective that a top-ranked business school can bring to corporate training. Experts at the cutting edge of management thought and research provide the best executive education programs. So you gain exposure to world trends and the latest knowledge that is not so readily accessible within the confines of your own organization. In addition to high-impact executive education, you also benefit from the exchange of ideas with peers and the networking opportunities made possible by top management training programs.

In addition, business management courses are becoming increasingly specialized. Good business schools offer programs that not only zero in on implementing strategic initiatives but also provide strategy workshops that allow you to address strategy execution within your specific context and directly put your new knowledge to use.

Crucially: Strategy execution with impact

Strategy ExecutionYou should expect the best of such executive programs to help you to meet the main challenges that come with driving strategic change. If you are in charge of one of your company's strategic initiatives you may feel overwhelmed, especially when it comes to the implementation stage. You may be struggling to figure out the resource requirements, the impact on other departments and ways to measure the success of an initiative.

How can management training help? With a targeted program on leading strategic initiatives you should expect to gain a range of leadership skills from planning an initiative to mastering strategy execution. In addition to getting tips on creating a compelling vision, you can learn how to link your initiative to your organization's overall strategy. Plus, you can find out how to:

  • Execute strategic plan on schedule
  • Gain insights into what drives successful strategy execution
  • Assess and manage key stakeholder relationships
  • Set the stage for organization change
  • Measure the progress and performance of your initiative
Are you ready to execute? Prepare to be stimulated!

Strategy ExecutionThe best management training programs, including those on leading strategic initiatives, offer leadership coaching, personal feedback and hands-on experience. Prepare yourself to be stimulated through a combination of effective teaching methods and practical assignments. By unlocking new insights and applying new knowledge you will be ready to master strategy execution.

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Find how IMD's Advanced Management Program will develop your skills! 


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