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Oversight, guidance, and integrity

Comprised of key stakeholders – including CEOs from companies with which IMD has strong learning partnerships, leaders of academic institutions, alumni and faculty – the IMD Foundation Board and IMD Supervisory Board are responsible for governance at IMD, as well as ensuring the organization remains relevant to the evolving needs of the global corporate community.

IMD Management

IMD’s President is Jean-François Manzoni. The President is appointed by the Supervisory Board.

With his leadership, the Executive Committee proposes IMD’s business goals, financial targets and annual budgets within the strategic guidelines agreed with the Supervisory Board. Together, they take decisions in a timely manner and with adequate quality.

Jean-François Manzoni
President and Nestlé Chaired Professor of Leadership and Organizational Development at IMD

Jean-François Manzoni is President and Nestlé Chaired Professor of Leadership and Organizational Development at IMD. His research, teaching, and consulting activities are focused on leadership, the development of high-performance organizations, and corporate governance.

Executive Committee members

The President proposes the structure and composition of his Executive Committee. He regularly informs the Supervisory Board about developments, issues, actions, and results and he delivers an activity report annually to the Foundation Board.

The members of the Executive Committee include Faculty members responsible for high priority strategic tasks and senior staff who are leading key functions of the institution.

Board and Executive Committee Secretary
Yassine Ayadi
Yassine Ayadi
Chief of Staff at IMD

Yassine Ayadi is Chief of Staff at IMD. He is responsible for improving the individual and collective effectiveness of the Executive Committee, advising the President on strategic priorities for the institution, and maintaining alignment between departments through the provision of operational guidance and support on key projects.