Case Study

Scaling agile at Swisscom (Video case)

June 2019
Reference: IMD-7-2062

Swisscom started introducing agile work practices within the IT organization in 2016 – 2017 leading to a bi-modal organization. After realizing the benefits, the company started scaling these practices throughout the rest of the organization. This allowed Swisscom to reduce lead times by half and making significant contributions to strategic cost saving goals. The transformation was iterative and required a lot of learning on behalf of the teams but also management. Agile ways of working empower teams yet also actively require managing the associated changes.

Learning Objective
  • To be able to share the change process of how a company introduced and scaled agile work practices from software to the broader organization.
Operations, Agility, Speed, Information Technology, Software Development, Organization, Change
Europe, Switzerland
Swisscom, Services, Telecommunications
Field Research
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