Case Study

HungryPet: Challenges to digital supply chain innovation

1 pages
June 2019
Reference: IMD-7-2091

This disguised case presents the situation confronting the new VP materials supply chain as “HungryPet”. Newly arrived in the role, the VP realizes that the ambitious new project to implement an end-to-end planning system neglects the key bottleneck of materials supply between the HungryPet factories and their packaging and ingredient vendors. In response to this situation, the VP conceives a new, innovative cloud solution to improve collaboration between HungryPet and its vendors. The solution would improve and streamline the information flow, saving planner time and propagating supply requirements and confirmations faster. This would protect and enable the expected benefits of the new planning system project. Ideal as an exam question for MBA or Master students, a Teaching Note is provided. This contains a grading guide as well as sample submissions considered exemplary.

Learning Objective
  • This case provides a platform for students to consider the challenges a company may face in designing and implementing a Digital Supply Chain solution. The case will elicit challenges that are not unique to HungryPet but are universally present in companies today.
Operations, Supply Chain, Industry 4.0, Digitalization
Consumer Goods
Field Research (Disguised)
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