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See inside OWP Singapore 2023

Participants discovered how to become more transformative and impactful leaders, exploring five dimensions of development essential for every senior executive: leading strategy, leading execution, leading stakeholders, leading people and leading self.

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Beyond earth’s boundaries: a journey of innovation and leadership

Spaceship designer, serial entrepreneur, and space diplomat Susmita Mohanty has a unique vantage point on the world, having worked for space agencies and mega-corporations and co-founded three startups.

Purpose-driven innovation: discovering and designing your own odyssey

Canadian photographer, visual artist and activist Benjamin Von Wong has gained global recognition for his powerful images that carry important environmental and social messages.

Cyber resiliency: building a secure future

To safeguard your organization from persistent cyber threats, look beyond technology and focus on educating your people, says prominent cybersecurity expert and ethical hacker Jamie Woodruff.