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OWP Singapore Final Day: Turning the page on a transformative chapter

Rennie Siow, Managing Director at CIMB, reflects on OWP Singapore week, which also marks the end of the year-long leadership custom program that the bank has co-designed with IMD.
November 2023

Have you ever attended a class in a room covered in floor to ceiling screens all around you? Almost six months after the first leg of our year-long custom leadership program with IMD in Lausanne, a a leadership learning journey that CIMB has co-designed with IMD, I’ve once again stepped back onto campus grounds, this time in the state-of-the-art campus in Singapore, for the week-long Orchestrating Winning Performance program.

Similar to what we experienced in our custom program in June, I anticipated a fintech-heavy agenda, but what I found instead was a rich, diverse program that stretched well beyond my expectations.

The program brought together a vibrant mix of leaders from varied backgrounds with a common quest for knowledge and growth. This diversity was far from just a backdrop; it was a catalyst for an immersive exploration into ‘total leadership’, a concept that resonates deeply with CIMB’s EPICC values – enabling talent, passion, integrity and accountability, collaboration, and customer-centricity.

The two highlights of the week for me have been:

  1. Learning about India’s digital transformation journey. It was an eye-opening demonstration of how sweeping changes can revolutionize even the most complex landscapes, sparking inspiration on how I can add value to our industry and business.
  2. Leadership behavior sessions like “Leading in the New Normal”, which offered a profound opportunity for self-reflection and provided practical tools for balancing self, friends, family, and work and mastering ‘total leadership’.

Next up on our program is a visit to Estonia, to learn why it’s often referred to as ‘the future of fintech’. I cannot wait to see what transformative insights the next chapter of our journey brings us.

This article is inspired by a LinkedIn post: you can follow Rennie Siow here.