Meet your Program Directors

Meet your Program Directors

Program Directors

Our Faculty members are recognized world authorities in their fields. Dividing their time between teaching, research, and working with international companies, they remain on top of the latest management trends. You can expect timely, innovative learning activities, materials, and content in all IMD programs.

IMD’s Driving Strategic Innovation program is designed and led by IMD Professor Bill Fischer and MIT Sloan Professor Charles Fine, award-winning faculty members and world authorities in their fields. You will get to work with both of them during this fully immersive learning experience.

Bill Fischer
Emeritus Professor of Innovation Management

Bill Fischer specializes in the art and practice of successful innovation, and the effective expression of talent. An engineer by training, American by citizenship, and New Yorker by birth and attitude, Bill has lived much of his life in Asia and Europe. He co-founded the IMD partnership program on Driving Strategic Innovation in cooperation with the Sloan School of Management at MIT.  Named as “one of the most influential business tweeters” by UK newspaper The Independent, he is also one of’s Top 50 Innovation Tweeters and’s Top 40 Innovation Bloggers.

Charles Fine
Professor of Operations Management and Engineering Systems

Charles Fine is the Chrysler Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Since 2015 he has also served as CEO, President, and Dean of the Asia School of Business (in Kuala Lumpur), established in collaboration with MIT Sloan.

His research focuses on supply chain strategy and value chain roadmapping, with a particular focus on fast-clockspeed manufacturing industries. His work has supported design and improvement of supply chain relationships for companies in electronics, automotive, aerospace, communications, and consumer products.

William A. Fischer’s publications
Why we can’t innovate
By Emeritus Professor William A. Fischer

Let’s look at some of the most familiar reasons that we are told account for innovation not being pursued or not being possible to do.

The death of strategy
By Emeritus Professor William A. Fischer

“So many things that used to have a beginning, a middle and an end, no longer have a middle or an end.”

We are failing at failing
By Emeritus Professor William A. Fischer

As a leader and innovator, you need to get comfortable with failing. Bill Fischer explains why.

Every innovation needs a story
By Emeritus Professor William A. Fischer

It is the story that often makes the innovation, rather than the other way around.