IMD Startup Competition 2019/2020
Could your startup benefit from highly talented, experienced and motivated individuals who have been screened to participate in two of the most selective and rigorous business programs in the world?

Seize your chance now!

This offer is open to all Swiss-based startups and runs in collaboration with the Swiss government's Innosuisse-Swiss Innovation Agency, VentureKick, MassChallenge Switzerland and investiere.

We select up to 30 different startups to work with IMD MBAs and Executive MBAs.

We are looking for early-stage companies that have a solid chance of market success, have a team that is curious and willing to open themselves up to a small group of management "students", are pleased to enter into both strategic and business model discussions, and can provide a good learning opportunity for our participants with timing that aligns with the IMD programs.


November 11, 2019: Registration Deadline


December 6, 2019: Formal notification to all selected startups


December 13, 2019: Deadline for the selected startups to accept or decline the IMD offer

Grow your business, test your concepts, get new insights:
work with our MBA and EMBA participants

Many ventures got lasting value from working with our MBAs and EMBAs. In the most recent Swiss Top 100 report, IMD-supported startups captured 32 of the 100 places, including the first 3 out of the top 5. Do you want to be in that group next year?

As additional support for Swiss startups, and to help the Swiss entrepreneurial ecosystem, winners of the IMD Startup Competition will now receive a CHF 5,000 Startup Scholarship to be used to participate in any of IMD's online or open programs!

Recent Winners of the Startup Competition

Grow your business

Boost your chances of funding and success

Test your concepts

Get fresh input on your business ideas

Get new insights

Gather new information with the help of IMD talent

Executive MBA project opportunity
  • Up to eighteen startups will be chosen to work with three Executive MBA classes
  • Split into small teams each working with a dedicated startup, our EMBAs help analyze and challenge your business plans and company strategies
  • Their ultimate goal is to make a pitch on your behalf to venture capitalists and angels in Silicon Valley in September or November (with the presence of your founders)
LocationEMBA 1st IntakeEMBA 2nd IntakeEMBA 3rd Intake
At IMD LausanneJune 16, 2020

April 28, 2020

Sept 29, 2020
In Palo Alto, CaliforniaSept 6-11, 2020

Sept 13-18, 2020

Nov 15-20, 2020
Meet with EMBAs @ IMD, Lausanne
Collaborate at a distance with EMBAs
Travel to Silicon Valley with the EMBAs
MBA project opportunity
  • Up to 15 startups will receive the support of our MBA class
  • Split into small teams, each working with a dedicated startup, our MBAs put in an average of 6-8 hours per person on this project each week, for a total support of at least 500-600 work-hours
Key dates
Meet with MBAs @ IMD, Lausanne
Face-to-face & Virtual Collaboration
Mutually agreed upon project
Contact us

  Blandine Malhet

  Project Manager

  Executive MBA Department, IMD

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