CHF 5000 offered to all startup competition winners!


  • Only full-time employees of the winners of the IMD Startup Competition are eligible for this offer;
  • Up to three IMD Startup Competition scholarship beneficiaries are accepted per open program, with the exception of the programs High Performance Leadership and Leading Digital Business Transformation where only one beneficiary will be accepted. First-come, first-served basis, via program admission process;

  • Offer valid for 24 months from moment that startup is notified of winning (ie. expiration date 31 December 2024 for 2022/2023 Start-up competition winners). The start date of the chosen program must be before the deadline expires;
  • Participant must meet admission criteria for course, like any other candidate;
  • Must participate in chosen courses seriously and full-time, like any other participant;
  • No refunds of unused scholarship amounts or differences. No cash payments;
  • Scholarship cannot be transferred to another company (unless original winning company has been liquidated); 
  • Winners of the scholarship may contact [email protected] for more information on courses or to register. This email connects you to program advisor.