Ulrich Steger

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Management

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Academic publications
The experience of EMAS in three European countries: A cultural and competitive analysis
EMAS, The European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, has been open for participation for six years now. Looking at registrations per country, a concentration of registrations in northern European co...
Published 1 February 2002
Moving business/industry towards sustainable consumption: The role of NGOs
The negative environmental impact of current consumption patterns is increasing and becoming more evident. Household/consumer behavior plays a significant role in shaping these patterns. A growing ...
Published 1 April 2002
The business case for corporate sustainability: Literature review and research options
In the last ten years, the notion of a 'business case' for corporate sustainability has increasingly been used by the corporate sector, environmental organizations, consultancies and so on, to seek...
Published 1 February 2005
Environmental management systems: Empirical evidence and further perspectives
Since the mid-nineties, a significant number of companies have been applying environmental management systems (EMS), especially ISO 14001 and EMAS. This article reviews the empirical evidence of th...
Published 1 February 2000
Performing under pressure: Managers embracing new realities
This article is based on an empirical investigation (including interviews and a survey) into the new working conditions of managers in an age of "shareholder value". It identifies the new sources o...
Published 1 August 2002
Managerial issues in closing the loop
The consequences for corporations striving to meet the new requirements of "closing the loop" are investigated. An integrated managerial framework is developed to manage products over their complet...
Published 1 December 1996
The roles of supervisory support behaviors and environmental policy in employee ecoinitiatives at leading-edge European companies
The authors assessed the relationships of environmental policy and supervisory support behaviors to employee environmental initiatives in leading-edge companies. They developed a behaviorally ancho...
Published 1 August 2000
Insight for Executives
What now, board members?
The saying “recessions reveal what auditors did not” also holds true for corporate governance. After all, good corporate governance is about making sounder decisions and ensuring better management....
Published 12 February 2009
KomplexitÀtsmanagement in globalen Unternehmen
Wie alles begann "KomplexitĂ€t" gilt oft als das neueste Schlagwort fĂŒr eine gegenwĂ€rtig zwar verbreitete, aber nicht nachhaltige RealitĂ€t. Stellt man den FĂŒhrungskrĂ€ften global agierender Unternehm...
Published 12 December 2007
Unternehmen und Gesellschaft: Wer drÀngt wen?
Sudien zeigen, dass der Einfluss von aussen auf die Wirtschaft ĂŒberschĂ€tzt wird - Stakeholder nutzen zwar ihere Chancen, cohc die Möglichkeiten sind begrenzt.
Published 26 November 2007
Öffentlichkeit gilt es ĂŒber internen Umgang zu informieren
Published 19 May 2007
Lukratives Vorausschauen
Wie können gesellschaftliche, und ökologische Entwicklungen rechtzeiting in die Unternehmensstrategie integriert werden? Unternehmen beschÀftigen sich intensiv mit entsprechenden Fragestellunge.
Published 1 January 2007
Créer un label de qualité: Le cas du poisson MSC
Pour lutter contre les prĂ©lĂšvements sauvages dans les ocĂ©ans, Unilever et le WWF ont lancĂ© un label pĂȘche durable, le MSC. Mais celui-ci peine Ă  s'imposer Ă  l'Ă©chelle mondiale.
Published 1 January 2007
Mit einem innovativen Vertrieb die Frauen Fördern
Published 1 November 2006
Die soziale Verantwortung von Unternehmen
Vielen gelten Programme zur sozialen Verantwortung und zur Nachhaltigkeit nur als FeigenblĂ€tter fĂŒr die Unternehmen. Eine Studie zeigt nun, dass zwar die Manager der Firmen wenig tun, aber auch die...
Published 1 July 2006
Herding your subsidiaries towards good governance
No regulation could probably have prevented the recent catastrophes at Enron, Ahold and Parmalat: and, by the same token, you will never fully know what is going on at your subsidiaries. However, i...
Published 6 April 2006
Predicting where the pressure groups will strike
The emphasis for companies today may be on maximising value for shareholders but the old issue of responding to other stakeholders in an organisation has not gone away. Indeed, it may even be on th...
Published 1 February 1998
Der grosse Wandel steht noch bevor
Published 23 October 1997
Umweltschutz schafft Wettbewerbsvorteile: Neue Instrumente integrieren ökologische Massnahmen in den GeschÀftserfolg
Published 1 January 1997
The greening of industry: The hardest bit is still to come
Environmental management now cuts across all functions of a company, and has to be ingrained into processes and routines. Production is the classical area of environmental regulation, with the emph...
Published 19 January 1996