IMD MBA CO-RO Assessment Challenge for Danes

This assessment challenge is open.
When 15 August 2023
Where Copenhagen

IMD MBA CO-RO Assessment Challenge for Danes

Become an IMD MBA. Let purpose power your future. 

At IMD, we always want to support the best talent and are looking to award a talented young Dane a place in our MBA Class of 2024, plus a full scholarship towards their tuition.

This IMD MBA Assessment Challenge is a dynamic and interactive online experience during which you will join a pre-selected group to complete various team and individual assessment activities. This is your chance to stretch your thinking, learn from others and innovate to impress our admissions panel.

Join us at our in person event in Copenhagen on April 18th from 18:00-19:30 to meet IMD MBA Dean Dr Omar Toulan and learn about the scholarship and program. Past winners and alums will also be present.

The event will take place at:

Stelton A/S,

Christianshavns Kanal 4,

Copenhagen K,


(Reception on the 4th floor).

Do you want to unlock your true potential?

Strong applicants will demonstrate leadership and potential, have solid previous experience and achievements, and have the drive and capacity to make a positive impact in the world. We want you to think out of the box and help us to understand the unique aspects that you will bring to the program.

Are you:

  • The owner of a Danish passport?
  • Smart, with solid achievements, and the drive to unlock your full potential?
  • Ready to develop the key skills needed to deal with the pace of the world?
  • Keen to become a reflective and responsible leader who can make an impact?

Those who inspire the Admissions Committee will be offered a place in the IMD MBA 2024 program and the winner will receive a full scholarship of CHF 97,500 towards our tuition fees.

Key dates



15 August 2023

Submit your challenge application, along with your GMAT or GRE score, by midnight CEST.

01  September 2023

Selected are invited to a welcome event and information session. You can complete the assessment challenges: inspire, innovate, and pitch your ideas to a panel of assessors.

08 September 2023

Selected candidates will be interviewed by the Admissions Committee.

The top applicant will be awarded a full 97,500 Swiss Franc scholarship to cover the tuition fees for the 2024 IMD MBA full-time program.

Runners up will also be offered a seat in the IMD MBA 2024 class.

Danish applicants from our regular Admissions Process in the same year can also take part in this scholarship Assessment Challenge.

Access to a strong talent pipeline
A recruiter’s perspective
Why collaboration with IMD is beneficial for CO-RO
Are you ready for the journey?

The IMD MBA is a full-time, one-year program. We help develop reflective and responsible leaders who have the tools to excel in an increasingly global and digital world.

Our campus is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, home to many multinational headquarters and globally recognized as a vibrant med-tech, neuro-tech, deep-learning and start-up hub.

Your class, faculty and whole IMD community, will inspire and motivate you to stretch yourself, achieve your potential and leave your mark.

Pitch your ideas. Learn from others. Get ready for a transformational journey.