Case Study

Prentiss Products Europe: From a national to pan-regional orientation

19 pages
November 1999
Reference: IMD-6-0215

This case is based on Prentiss Products Europe (A) POM 138. Set in 1995, it re-examines the manufacturing challenges faced by Peter Mink, Director of Operations, in the context of the events that have impacted the consumer products industry in Europe since the early 1990s: the creation of the European Single Market and the associated regulations designed to promote free trade within the European Union; increased competition, segmentation and concentration of the trade; rise in cross-border retailing; and greater penetration of private-label products. With Prentiss’ long tradition of high quality, niche based consumer products, Mink wonders how PPE will meet the challenge of transitioning from a nationally focused to pan-regionally focused organization. What impact will the evolving market dynamics have on PPE’s manufacturing strategy and organization structure, and the related plant charters?

Manufacturing, Production Management, Operations Management
Winter 1995
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