Case Study

Petter Eiken at Skanska: Leading change

14 pages
April 2008
Reference: IMD-3-1823

In this case we follow Petter Eiken, Executive Vice President at the global construction firm Skanska. Eiken is a leader with an untraditional leadership style operating in a highly traditional industry. In the case we first meet Eiken when he recently has been promoted to Regional EVP from a Country President level and he is about to make a crucial decision about if and how to move forward with a large change initiative. Is the time right to go ahead and present his ideas to the board? Is he ready? The case also includes information about Eiken’s career, throughout which he has delivered outstanding results. What has made him successful? To answer this question and to showcase the principles of high performance leadership, we discuss different aspects of Eiken’s behaviour and performance. The case includes interviews with many people who have worked with him, reporting on his impact on them.

Learning Objective

The case illustrates high performance leadership and examines the relationship between transformational leadership behaviors, authentic leadership principles, and performance. It also addresses issues of changing leadership style over time and in different positions. Confronts stereotypes of leadership, showing how one can be a highly successful leader with a less traditional (less stereotypically charismatic) style, as long as one achieves appropriate behaviors and principles.

Change, Authentic Leadership, Construction
Field Research
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