Case Study

Nestlé: Quality on the boardroom agenda (A)

10 pages
August 2001
Reference: IMD-6-0227

Given the improved overall quality standards in effect nowadays, companies risk becoming complacent about quality issues. However with supply chains becoming longer and customers becoming more demanding, quality management continues to be a challenge to companies. This two part case series describes Nestli’s approach to quality management. The A-case reviews three highly publicized incidents which occurred at Coca-Cola, Firestone and Snow Brand Milk Products recently and their dramatic impact on the company and top management. These incidents highlight the fact that quality must be seen from the total supply chain perspective with the main focus on quality in use. The case can also be used to study crisis management.

Traceability, Crisis Management, Food, Production Management, Operations Management
April 2001
Field Research
© 2001
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