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Mohammad Al-Mojil Group (MMG) the energy behind energy

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December 2015
Reference: IMD-7-1693

Trading in Mohammad Al-Mojil (MMG)’s shares was suspended in July 2012. The company did not fulfil the losses triggered mandatory reporting rules. In a related case, MMG’s auditor Deloitt & Touche was suspended by the Capital Market Authority (CMA), to be effective beginning 1 June 2015. MMG went public in 2008 after years of phenomenal growth. The company pursued an aggressive growth strategy by out-pricing competitors. However, the strategy failed miserably when additional costs eroded its profit. The company lost significance amount of money which led to constant management and board reshuffle. A number of MMG board members and executives might be prosecuted over possible violations of company laws.

Learning Objective

Meaningful discussion on the role of the board in firm strategy. Reflection on the follow questions: What in your view were the red flags that should have attracted attention? What was the MMG board’s working relationship with management from 2008 to 2014? Could the board have acted differently? Could the banks have acted differently during IPO process? Did MMG board have the right qualifications for the volatile environment in 2008-2009? How will regulatory expectations change going forward?

Construction, Failure, Auditor, Regulation, Board, Certified Management Accountant, Investigation, Suspension
Middle East, Saudi Arabia
Mohammad Al-Mojil Group, Construction and Engineering
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