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Global and experienced leaders ready to address your company's challenges

Our dedicated career services team develops personal relationships with both our participants and recruiters. We will help you, not only to recruit the best talent for your company, but also to build your brand amongst our highly-sought after experienced MBAs.

Besides strong academic ability, we assess and develop our MBAs leadership potential with a focus on real management capacity in a multi-cultural and complex environment. When our participants graduate from IMD, they are operational from day one and ready to make a positive, sustainable impact on your business.

90 talented pre-screened participants

We spend at least 10 manhours per candidate to make sure each one is right for the program. In addition, each accepted participant goes through a full background check conducted by an independant agency. Our admissions process includes:

  • an online application with 3 essays
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • a full-day assessment center

International and experienced

In each class of 90, there are over 40 nationalities with over 90% having spent at least 6 months outside their home country. With a minimum requirement of three years of work experience, our participants have, on average, seven years of experience in diverse industries and functions prior to IMD.

Trained to become truly global, hands-on leaders

In addition to strong academic business fundamentals, our intensive one-year program is designed to constantly push our MBAs beyond their comfort zone, developing their skills at setting strategies and leading others in execution. Our projects take them through various situations:

  • an Entrepreneurship Project, working with real start-ups
  • an International Consulting Project, working with medium to large multinational companies
  • a 10 day Discovery Expedition to discover the issues and trends underlying economic and societal developments that will shape industries and markets in a region

Strong self-awareness

With an unparalleled focus on leadership, the IMD MBA program aims at enhancing self-awareness, identifying ones' strengths and learning how to lead teams and organizations. It includes:

  • high intensity outdoor leadership group work and exercises
  • individual (up to 20 hours) and team coaching withtrained psychoanalysts
  • peer reviews of ones' strengths and weaknesses

The IMD MBA is consistently ranked among the top MBA programs by international publications such as Forbes,The Economist, Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

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The right approach for the right candidate

Because each company has different recruiting needs, we have developed various partnerships to meet your specific needs. We work with you to build your brand amongst our talented participants and increase your talent pipeline for the roles you need to fill.

GOLD partnership

You actively search for top talent to fill a diversity of roles worldwide; you have selected IMD as a preferred partner for talent recruiting; you wish to have exposure throughout the year by taking part in a variety of on-campus events, and hence to increase your corporate profile.

The GOLD partnership includes:

  • 2 hours exclusive visibility: a one-hour company presentation followed by an evening networking cocktail
  • a speaker opportunity
  • a networking lunch
  • your logo on our Career Services page
  • 1st round interviews on campus (includes interviewers' lunch)
  • online interview invitations and scheduling
  • online CV access
  • job postings to current MBAs and alumni

SILVER partnership

You recruit top talent for a diversity of roles worldwide and seek to build employer branding at IMD.

The SILVER partnership includes:

  • 2 hours for a company presentation followed by a networking cocktail
  • 1st round interviews on campus (includes interviewers' lunch)
  • online CV access
  • online interview invitations and scheduling
  • job postings to current MBAs and alumni

BRONZE partnership

You want to establish/maintain a presence on-campus and build a talent pool; you are fairly new to MBA recruiting; you are looking for specific profiles and/or have specific roles to fill.

The BRONZE partnership includes:

  • a career fair: optional breakfast and lunch with a targeted group of MBAs, a company booth, afternoon interviews
  • online interview invitations and scheduling
  • job postings to current MBAs and alumni

SPECIFIC activities

You are looking for specific profiles and/or have specific roles to fill. You can choose the specific activity that best meets your needs:

  • networking lunch or
  • first round interviews on campus (no presentation; scheduling/ logistics) or
  • video conferencing: logistics/interview scheduling

On-line CV access and job posting for current MBA candidates and alumni are included in all three activities.


You wish to search the CVs of the current class and/or want to post job opportunities for both current MBA candidates and alumni.

Guidelines & Policies

All companies joining our on-campus recruiting activities will have to follow our Academic and Recruiting Guidelines and Policies

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Calendar of recruiting events

Activity Timing

Class profiles available

Mid March

Online CVs available

Mid April

Company presentations

June 9 & 16, August 17 & 18, 2017

Career Fair

11 & 18 September, 2017

Interviews (1st round)

11 - 22 September, 2017

Lunch with MBAs

On-going all year

Job postings

On-going all year

Online CVs available - mid April

Identify individuals that fit your needs and are interested in the opportunities you offer. The IMD MBA Resume Portfolio contains full-page CVs of all participants available for employment at the end of the program. The details of their educational background and work experience will help you identify those best-suited to your needs.

  • Search the CVs of all the candidates by multiple criteria
  • Create and download a CV book of the selected candidates
  • Contact selected candidates directly
  • Download an excel spreadsheet of the selected candidates

Company presentations - June and August

Inform our participants of your unique opportunities and business challenges, as well as your organization's culture, structure and possible career paths over a 30-minute presentation and a 30-minute Q&A session.

Come with 3 - 4 people to make a powerful impact: senior executives to talk about the company strategy & vision; an HR rep to explain the recruiting process and hiring needs; and alumni who can share their experience in your company.

Career fair - September

Enhance your visibility on campus and meet talented individuals from 40+ countries. Our Career Fair is both a great recruiting platform and a convenient way to network with future international decision-makers and customers - without engaging the resources required for a formal presentation.

Interviews (1st round) - September

Conduct your first-round interviews in our on-campus rooms. During this two-week period our participants are focused on exploring career opportunities and do not have any classes. Interviews can take place from 8am to 6pm.

2nd round interviews take place off campus in October/November. To give all recruiters a fair chance to get their offers to the MBAs and allow them to make informed choices, we ask recruiters to give MBAs until November 8th for a final decision.

Lunch with MBAs

Meet our MBA participants over an informal lunch at IMD.

Job postings - ongoing

Reach our IMD MBAs with your career opportunities by posting them online (free of charge):

  • Post and manage jobs; edit, renew and archive your job postings at any time
  • Monitor the applications you receive for each job posting

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