The 8 Key leadership strengths you must learn today


Leadership strengths vary among individuals and can include factors such as leadership style, experience, confidence and culture.

Despite this definition, certain questions still remain.

  • What are the key leadership strengths every person must possess in order to manage a team?
  • What are the leadership qualities that are seen as key strengths of a leader?
  • What are the effective leadership skills that contribute to your strength as a leader?

By reading this article you will be able to discover how to boost your impact by building your leadership strengths.

8 Key Leadership Strengths

1. Self-awareness

Self-Awareness is considered to be one of the key leadership strengths that must be developed by people placed in management positions.

 You will be able to be a great leader if you know yourself fully. You must know what are your own leadership strengths as well as your leadership weaknesses. You must be able to assess yourself clearly so that you will know what leadership style you need to implement.

2. Situational awareness

Being aware of what is happening around you is a sign of innate leadership strength. It is important to be fully aware of the events happening within the business organization as well as the business environment as a whole. Great leaders always possess strong situational awareness.

3. Excellent communication skills

Strong leaders are excellent communicators. People within any organization can be more successfully managed and directed if you possess excellent communication skills. You will be well-respected and possible conflicts can be avoided if you possess this effective leadership skill. 

4. Effective negotiation skills

 Effective leaders have effective negotiation skills. Being able to negotiate business terms is vital to any business organization. It will increase the chance of getting the desired outcome and create a win-win situation. Effective negotiation skills are one of the leadership competencies one must have in order to climb the corporate ladder and be placed in a senior management position. 

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5. Conflict resolution skills

Conflicts can be detrimental to any organization, potentially causing chaos within and outside the business organization. Being able to resolve conflicts peacefully and come up with a mutually acceptable action is one of the leadership strengths managers must possess. Having this leadership skill can save professional and personal relationships within the business organization.

6. Collaboration skills and intercultural sensitivity

You might be comfortable working alone but that will not lead to the best results. Having a team supporting you regardless of the members’ gender, age or race is one of the best ways to achieve greater results. Collaboration skills as well as intercultural sensitivity are considered to be key strengths as a leader.

7. Ability to work with different personal styles and approaches

Being flexible with leadership styles and approaches is a leadership strength that is hard to master. You may need to enroll in leadership courses for you to enhance this leadership competency.

8. Being able to make courageous or difficult decisions

You can show great leadership strength by being able to make courageous decisions when faced with difficult situations. You will be able to lead your team effectively if you can deal with fear, uncertainty and doubt in making decisions. 

These leadership strengths require a good understanding of human behavior and dynamics in different situations, as well as a high level of self-awareness. Mastering these leadership traits will prepare you to confidently face any situation, including ones totally new to you.

4 Business Leadership Strengths You Should Improve Today

Leadership Strengths

  1. Strong cross-functional knowledge of the company

  2. Being able to see the "big picture"

  3. A strategic mindset

  4. Clear leadership vision aligned with strategic priorities


Business leaders must also successfully navigate change and uncertainty in today's increasingly complex global business environment. In order to develop and meet long-term business goals and objectives, leaders also need solid business management skills. These skills combined with strong personal leadership strengths, will allow you to confidently drive strong performance and organizational change for long-term success. 

How To Build Key Leadership Strengths?

Your on-the-job experience will go a long way towards building both core personal leadership skills as well as the necessary business management skills to be a good leader. However, leadership courses from top business management schools can help you build these skills far more quickly.

Look for leadership courses that allow you to focus on leveraging your own leadership strengths and help you develop your own leadership style. Courses that offer practical leadership exercises, self-awareness exercises, deliberate practice and role play will likely have the greatest impact. One-on-one leadership coaching is also a great way to strengthen your leadership skills. 

The best business management schools offer management training courses that combine business management training with leadership training. This can be a winning approach - strengthening both your personal leadership and business leadership skills together.

Real results come from leadership training

Leadership StrengthsA leadership development program from a top business school is a good way to build on your innate leadership strengths. A good program will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to take on new challenges with greater confidence and inspire your organization - and its people - to excel. You'll see the results in your enhanced capacity to drive real business impact through the more effective use of your personal leadership strengths.

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