Your learning journey

Successfully integrate your value chain and lead it into the future.

Your learning journey

Successfully integrate your value chain and lead it into the future.

Leading your future supply chain

Be prepared for intense learning and interaction with your industry peers and faculty members. Over five inspiring days, you will apply the frameworks to your own company, analyze international case studies, carry out a business simulation, apply benchmarking and mental mapping to conceptualize your supply chain.

You will engage in wide‑ranging, challenging discussions and receive dynamic feedback. You will also examine best practices from some of the world’s most successful global companies.

Your learning journey
Day 1
  • Supply chain alignment and omnichannel strategies
    Case study
  • Leading a supply chain transformation
    Case study
  • Your digital supply chain objectives
  • Peer exchange and networking

Day 2
  • Competing on information flows
    Case study
  • The connected brewery
    Case study
  • Digital supply chain planning tools
  • New AI use cases in SCM
  • Individual preparation
Day 3
  • Industry 4.0 in manufacturing and its impact on sustainability
    Case study
  • Supply chains for the future
    Case study
  • The digital hybrid chain: the scaling-up challenge
    Case study
  • Individual preparation
Day 4
  • Building an industry 4.0 transformation roadmap
    Smarter chains
  • Supply chain strategy
    Case study
  • Implementing organizational change
  • Simulation
Day 5
  • Leading your digital supply chain initiatives
    Case study
  • Summing everything up
Business simulation

Increase your ability to implement change.

Dynamic feedback

Experience peer-to-peer coaching and role play.


Build mental maps to conceptualize your supply chain.

 - IMD Business School
Best-practice case studies

Leading the Future Supply Chain includes best-practice case studies from the latest supply chain research published in The Digital Supply Chain Challenge: Breaking Through.

“Most supply chain books tend to be either dry academic affairs with limited connection to reality or buzzwordy sales funnels with the flavor of the day. Happily, this book is different. The authors navigate a complex area giving actionable insights on how to approach digital in supply chain and unlock the secrets to transforming your supply chain for the digital era.

Bill Papantoniou, PhD
Head of Customer Supply Chain Europe
Nestlé Purina Pet Care