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In today’s fast-changing markets, leaders must accelerate current growth while proactively exploring and shaping options for the future

We partner with CEOs and business leaders to discover and implement innovative solutions to their most important strategic questions. This way we help our clients unlock opportunities for growth and performance improvement while building new capabilities and empowering their teams to take full ownership of the outcomes.

Our work is grounded in IMD’s thought leadership and delivered by our world-class faculty and the most select group of expert advisors. We have successfully worked with many of the world’s leading organizations, challenging and inspiring them towards new frontiers such as:

  • Applying purpose as the lens to redefine their playing field
  • Driving sustainability-led transformations
  • Building new digital- and data-enabled businesses
Jean-Francois Manzoni

At IMD, we work extensively with senior leaders in an​ advisory capacity, helping them address critical issues.​ We do this by engaging and inspiring their organization​ in developing their own answers. Our approach​ accelerates ownership and increases impact while building​ confidence and capability to successfully address their challenges.

Jean-François Manzoni President of IMD and Nestlé Chaired Professor
How we work

We empower organizations to create real impact, driving change from within

Working with our clients’ teams, we leverage a unique methodology that combines organizational engagement at various levels with outside-in input and challenging questions, stimulating divergent perspectives to shape innovative solutions across different topic areas.
Harnessing an experiential approach, we encourage bold ideas and strategic thinking, thus developing organizational capabilities, and strengthening our clients’ own confidence to successfully translate strategies into results.

Our principles

We co-design the journey with our clients, working together through continued dialogue to assess progress, adjust and adapt to emerging issues.


Our process harnesses organizational engagement, empowering teams at multiple levels to break silos, integrate perspectives and build ownership of the journey.


Through our thought leadership and academic rigor,  we challenge traditional assumptions and stimulate innovative thinking.


We act as a partner, advisor, and provocateur, facilitating courageous conversations and team dialogues to drive mindset and behaviour change, inspiring solutions from within.

Our solutions

Our work has enabled clients to identify new avenues for revenue growth, disrupt markets, and drive organizational engagement. Clients approach us with questions on different topics that include:

• Strategy exploration, definition, and acceleration
• Future Readiness and Innovation
• Purpose discovery and cultural transformation
• Sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and ESG strategies
• Digital transformation and AI strategies

Each transformation is unique. Hence, every mandate starts with an iterative process to learn about our clients’ context and co-design a tailored journey. Our work builds on decades of experience driving change initiatives that deliver outstanding impact.

IMD participants discussing around a table
Focused interventions to drive creative thinking

We work with executive teams through high-impact questions as a sparring partner and leverage our business and leadership development expertise to facilitate fast-paced team interventions to unlock innovative solutions.

Strategy acceleration engagements

We work with executive teams to explore pathways to address a strategic question or accelerate execution.
Combining IMD topic expertise with fast exploration and ideation cycles, teams work on opportunity definition, prototyping, experimentation, and road-mapping or on execution acceleration.

Women in Finance
Corporate-wide strategic transformation projects

Leveraging our corporate transformation approach, IMD Pathfinder®, we enable and empower senior teams and their organizations to unlock barriers and identify compelling opportunities for growth and transformation.

Thought Leadership

Browse our collection of articles and videos on strategy, purpose and transformation, reflecting our point of view and insights from our client work.