E2E Supply chain leader program


Heineken turned to IMD to develop a ‎community of E2E Supply Chain leaders: up-to-date with the latest thinking and equipped to succeed ‎in the supply chain of the future. 


The working environment of supply chain directors is changing very rapidly, both with internal and external customers and stakeholders, as well as with the overall competitive landscape and technology changes. How can we equip our leaders to be better prepared for the future, learn from each other across geographies, broaden our thinking and increase our own business agility?

Custom approach

Using a truly customized approach, IMD and Heineken co-created a unique blended leadership development journey for 172 participants, mixing face-to-face learning with a seven-week online program based on inputs from Heineken’s leaders, company strategy and future trends. This journey was developed around established must win battles of Heineken’s supply chain strategy.

The program consisted of an F2F kick-off session on supply chain followed by seven online units in four domains: business agility and strategy execution, finance and value creation, impact and influence and leading change. Throughout the program participants benefited from 1:1 business and leadership coaching along with collaborative group/peer-2-peer assignments. 


Participants worked closely together on the same topics and learnt the best ways to apply their new knowledge to their specific areas of work. The communication of participants improved, allowing all to `speak the same language´ helping stimulate collaboration. Learnings are now being applied to the different business contexts each individual is working in. Further follow-ups are planned via regional conferences and communication.

The 2019 Human Capital Management Excellence Silver Award for Excellence in Leadership Development - Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program

“Brewing a better world: A unique blended leadership development journey for Heineken”

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