Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning allows you to pursue learning opportunities, whether online, in the classroom or from the printed page. Learning does not end when you finish a program or earn a degree. Rather, the real learning journey is one that provides you with knowledge at any point in life and at any stage of your career. Learning is a priceless ally that stays with you for life.

IMD Thought Leadership

Discover more on management practices, best-practice models from leading companies and answers to today's business challenges. Get into the real world, real learning of IMD.

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Continued Education

Choose the right next step in your career development. Advance on your suited path for the most adequate personal and professional growth.

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Certificate of Lifelong Executive Learning

A recognition of your achievements in developing your talents. Gain essential leadership capabilities to be a successful global leader and earn your Certificate of Lifelong Executive Learning.

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Market Intelligence

Learn from the latest news and research on a variety of topics. Access high quality databases, the window to market intelligence.

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Wednesday Webcasts

Listen to thought-provoking interviews and discussions on the latest management issues and findings. Get new perspectives and get inspired.

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OWP offers executives the opportunity to hear the latest management thinking on key issues. It is also an exceptional meeting place for executives to share their experiences, ideas and practical approaches to business challenges. It is a wonderful occasion for IMD Alumni to come back on campus.

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