Global Alert: Eurasia at a Crossroads in the New Global Disorder – Implications for Russia

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Date Monday, October 02, 2017
Time 19:00 - 21:00
Speaker(s) Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy, IMD

The world is experiencing rapid profound transformations. The US-led world order is eroding. Asia, which for the last two centuries was subjugated by the West, is resurging. China, for long the sick man of the global economy, has emerged as a leading global power. The massive rise of the Asian middle classes is driving the world economy. Yet, as news from the Korean peninsula, the South China Sea, the Sino-Indian border, Afghanistan and the Levant, underline, Asia is a geopolitical cauldron. Whether it is security, geopolitics, politics, economics, demography, society, environment, and, increasingly technology, what happens in Asia will have a global impact. This is especially true of Europe, which, as Angela Merkel stressed in a recent speech, is seeing the end of the Western alliance. Russia is a key critical actor on this new chessboard. Europe generally will become increasingly dependent on Asian developments: notably, for example, the BRI (Belt & Road Initiative). Thus the emphasis in the title not just on “Asia”, but “Eurasia”.

Whether these forces result in a global renaissance or a global dark ages – as occurred in the first half of the last century – will depend on the proper adjustment of mentalities and of course policies. Sitting passively looking away is not an option. All major stakeholders – government, academe, business, the media, civil society – have significant roles to play. Attention must also be strongly directed to the upcoming generations of leaders.

Jean-Pierre Lehmann is Emeritus Professor at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland, where he was appointed to the Chair of International Political Economy in 1997. He is also currently visiting professor in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Hong Kong University. Prior to that, he held positions in numerous European and Asian academic and research institutions. He has worked intensively and extensively across Asia for over fifty years. He is Founder of the Evian Group (1995), an international coalition of corporate, government, and opinion leaders, united by a common vision of enhancing global prosperity by fostering an open, inclusive, sustainable and equitable global market economy in a rules-based multilateral framework. He is on the board of several organisations; he is a frequent participant and speaker at international forums and writes regularly for major international media. 


Venue Nestlé Moscow Office
Paveletskaya square, 2
Bld. 1., office 200
Dress Code Business Casual
Registration Deadline Sunday, October 01, 2017

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