Making talent development a competitive advantage

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Date Tuesday, November 05, 2019
Time 17:00 - 19:00
Speaker(s) Hege Yli Melhus Ask, CEO, NHST Media Group
Tobias Bæck, Co-founder and CEO, Bakken & Bæck

Event organised by INSEAD.

Decades ago, legendary CEO of GE Jack Welch, claimed that talent development deserved as much focus as financial capital management in corporations. That is no less true today. Because in the age of knowledge, getting the business right, is getting the people right.

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But how do you succeed with talent development today? How do you create a culture where you manage to retain and develop your best people? And how much do best practices differ from industry to industry? To answer these questions, we will hear from two modern and successful leaders. They have different backgrounds, but both have vast experiences from talent development and agree that investing in employees is critical to business success

Group CEO Hege Yli Melhus Ask has held EVP positions in three of Norway’s most established companies, and has extensive experience from talent development in both the energy, finance and media industry. Tech entrepreneur Tobias Bæck has succeeded in building one of the most prestigious technology consultancy firms in Norway, where the war for talent is higher than anywhere else at the moment.

- Hege Yli Melhus Ask keynote
- Tobias Bæck keynote
- Panel discussion + questions from the audience
- Mingling with snacks, wine and beer

Hege Yli Melhus Ask (45) is the CEO of NHST Media Group, an international media group with presence in 17 countries, and owner of Dagens Næringsliv among others. She is the Chair of Skagerak Maturo Seed, an investment fund investing in technology startups. Previously, Hege was EVP in Gjensidige Forsikring, CEO of PE-owned Agito Nordic and EVP in Hafslund. She has lived six years in France where she worked as a Research assistant at INSEAD and completed a Maitrise de Sciences de Gestion from Universite Paris IX.

Tobias Bæck (35) is the co-founder and CEO of Bakken & Bæck - a tech company that design and develop digital products and services. B&B have offices in Oslo, Bonn, Amsterdam and London, and have designed and developed the new Vipps app, made Norway’s first robot journalist and developed a crypto exchange for Coinbase. Tobias has also co-founded collaboration tool Wake and AI platform Orbit. He has studied economics and IT, and is a graduate of the Kaospilot School.

Venue Schibsted HQ, Oslo

Registration Deadline Monday, November 04, 2019

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