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Welcome to the IMD Alumni Club of France

Dear Alumni, dear Guests,

A warm welcome to the IMD Alumni Club of France portal!

As an IMD Alumna/us, you have embarked on a Life Long Learning Journey and we are very pleased to help you make it a constant reality by offering you an ideal platform here at the IMD Alumni Club of France.

During the last year, the Board of IMD Alumni Club of France has implemented a number of initiatives and at the same time, taken our club to a new level:

  • Conferences with opportunities to continue learning the latest business trends
  • Events that are motivating and also inspirational
  • Networking possibilities to share similar interest, renew contacts with IMD classmates and develop new business or personal contacts


One of the important initiatives has been the successful and continuing strategic collaboration with other prestigious business school alumni clubs in Paris. This collaboration, named the “Alumni Alliance” includes the following business schools:


French Alumni Associations of EPFL, HEC Lausanne, Chicago Booth, London Business School, London School of Economics, University of St Gall, HEI Genève, IE Madrid, Ivy Plus European Leaders, UCLA Anderson, HEID Genève, Fletcher School, Northwestern Kellogg, Yale School of Management, Columbia Business School, Thunderbird University


With the Alumni Alliance, we have been able to attract more high quality speakers more often ensuring a higher participation making it worthwhile for the speaker and covering the investment organizational costs.


We are on a roll and will continue this positive trend – your ideas have never been more welcome as now we have more resources to react. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions!


Please go the My Profile on IMD’s website to verify and update your details as soon as possible!

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member!

Sincerely yours,

The Board of the Alumni Club of France
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    We need your support through your membership fees. It gives you the access to Events & Networking activities for funding them.

    The annual membership fee for 2023-2024 is 100 €.

    To subscribe and pay your membership fee, please use the button below. Note that you do not need to subscribe to Paypal to pay through this means of payment. Any credit card can be used.

    A receipt for your membership can be provided upon request at the following email address: [email protected]

    For any information about memberships, please contact the President [email protected]

    Annual Club Fee for 2024

    Club Committee
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    Olivier Guillebert

    MBA 2010

     - IMD Business School
    Jacques Bourgon

    Vice President
    Custom programs 2005, 2012 and 2017

     - IMD Business School
    Aliya Dumé

    Club Secretary
    EMBA 2018

     - IMD Business School
    Federica Della Casa

    SF 2007

     - IMD Business School
    Christophe Philibert

    Committee Member

     - IMD Business School
    Jean-Claude Cheminand-Serre

    Committee Member

     - IMD Business School
    Gautier Soubrane

    Committee Member