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IMD employs about 300 people from all over the world. In this section, you can find all IMD Faculty and their biographies.

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Mikolaj Jan Piskorski

American, Polish, Professor

PhD in Organizational Behavior
Harvard University

Programs: Leading Digital Business Transformation, Digital Strategy - Building on Talent, Advanced Strategic Management , High Performance Boards, Organizational Learning in Action, Strategic Marketing in Action

Innovation, Strategy

Philip Rosenzweig

American, Professor

PhD The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Programs: Program for Executive Development, Transition to Business Leadership, IMD - CKGSB Dual Executive MBA


Adrian B. Ryans

British, Canadian, Emeritus Professor

PhD Stanford University

Marketing, Strategy

Joachim Schwass

German, Emeritus Professor

PhD University of Fribourg

Programs: Leading the Family Office

Ralf W. Seifert

German, Swiss, Professor

PhD Stanford University

Programs: Digital Supply Chain Management - Foundations for Business Leadership


Leif Sjöblom

Finnish, Professor

PhD Stanford University

Programs: Program for Executive Development, Foundations for Business Leadership


Paul Strebel

South African, Swiss, Emeritus Professor

PhD Princeton University

Programs: High Performance Boards, Strategic Thinking

Governance, Strategy

Francisco Szekely

Mexican, Hungarian, Adjunct Professor

PhD Washington University

Programs: Building Business Sustainability - High Performance Leadership, Building on Talent


Ginka Toegel

German, Professor

PhD Lepzig University, PhD London Business School

Programs: Mobilizing People, Strategies for Leadership

Interpersonal Leadership

Ina Toegel

German, Bulgarian, Professor

PhD in Management

Interpersonal Leadership, Organizational Design

Omar Toulan

American, Professor

PhD, Sloan School of Management at MIT


Dominique Turpin

French, Swiss, Professor

PhD Sophia University (Tokyo)

Marketing, Strategy

Michael R. Wade

British, Canadian, Professor

PhD, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario

Programs: Leading Digital Business Transformation, Digital Disruption - Leading Digital Business Transformation

Innovation, Strategy

John W. Walsh

Irish, Professor

PhD Cornell University

Programs: Executive MBA


Michael D. Watkins

Canadian, Professor

PhD Harvard University

Programs: Program for Executive Development, Transition to Business Leadership, The First 90 Days - Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives

Interpersonal Leadership, Organizational Design

John R. Weeks

American, Professor

PhD MIT Sloan School of Management

Interpersonal Leadership, Organizational Design

Jack Denfeld Wood

Swiss, American, Emeritus Professor

PhD Yale University

Interpersonal Leadership, Organizational Design

Michael Yaziji

American, Professor

Ph.D. University of California

Programs: High Performance Boards


Howard H. Yu

Chinese (Hong Kong), Professor

DBA Harvard Business School

Programs: Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives, Advanced Strategic Management

Innovation, Strategy