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IMD EMBA Profile: Johan Slotte, Deputy CEO of Teleste

How IMD played an important part in the career of an accomplished alumnus
February 2017

 - IMD Business SchoolJohan Slotte has been deputy CEO at Teleste, a Finnish technology company that offers broadband video and data communication networks and services since 2007, and has held senior executive positions at the company since 1999.

Johan cites his education at IMD, first in 1992 and 1993 in the Program for Executive Development, an experience that transforms managers into leaders, and later in 2002 in IMD’s Executive MBA, as being important moments in his career that allowed him to step back and reflect on the bigger picture. Johan says that his experience with IMD’s programs greatly impacted his career and helped him move forward.

According to Johan, he has used many of the frameworks he learned at IMD during his accomplished career and he greatly appreciated the exposure to international business practice and executives that IMD offers.

Johan began as a lawyer and later became a legal expert at an industrial company but transitioned into business leadership after attending IMD in the mid-1990s. Since then he has held many roles and risen through the ranks at Teleste before becoming Deputy CEO.

Over the course of his career, Johan has developed demonstrable skills of business management, acquisition, integration, organic growth, strategic investment and rationalization. He has had legal and/or business responsibility for over 40 M&A projects in and outside of Europe. Has has lived or stayed extended periods abroad in Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the USA.

Today Johan’s company, Teleste, is the major access network solution provider for the European cable industry as well as one of the security industry’s best kept secrets. It provides video surveillance systems and service for the greater Paris area police authority: the Préfecture de Police, the Chicago Transit Authority, the Austrian motorway authority, ASFINAG, and Queensland Police to name a few. It is also a major information solutions provider to rail car manufacturers such as Stadler and Alstom as well as to major rail operators such as Deutsche Bahn.

IMD is proud to count Johan as part of its alumni network.

The EMBA program offers a rigorous general management and leadership framework with a focus on innovation and globalization. Throughout the program, participants build on theory and frameworks from classroom sessions and Discovery Expeditions by applying these learnings in their own companies or organizational contexts.

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