IMD Alumni Network

The IMD Alumni Network is a widespread but close-knit global community in a tightly interconnected and complex business environment. IMD's mission is to accompany, assist and support IMD Alumni in their lifelong learning journey and in building powerful business networks.

Three ways to engage, build your network and unlock business opportunities:

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Clubs are geographical Alumni associations that organize a variety of activities to learn, discuss leading-edge business thinking and expand business relationships.

Alumni Clubs

Program communities are groups of IMD Alumni who have attended the same program and who get together to share learning and a common experience.

MBA Alumni

HPL Alumni

Expert communities are groups of Alumni who share the same interests and who get together to share and exchange know-how. All IMD Alumni are welcome to join.

Digital Community

Entrepreneurship Community

Communities are constantly growing and evolving. Get involved! 

A far-reaching and influential Network


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IMD Rankings

IMD's programs are ranked highly by the world's most influential business publications.