Your learning journey

Designed to ensure you apply the ideas and concepts you learn directly to your own work.

Your learning journey

Designed to ensure you apply the ideas and concepts you learn directly to your own work.

A strategic finance course focused on value creation

Your learning journey includes a virtual kick-off before the core program, an immersive 5-day experience on campus, and a closing virtual session post-program to wrap up your key insights.

Prepare (liVe virtual, two 1-hour sessions)

  • Meet Program Director Salvatore Cantale and your fellow participants.
  • Undertake some preparatory work to maximize your on-campus learning experience.

Dive in (on campus, 5 days)

  • Explore a broad range of topics, tools, and concepts.
  • Engage with your peers to find solutions to your own professional challenges.
  • Work in a small group on a mergers and acquisitions simulation based on a real case.

Key topics:

Finance and value creation


CFO: the soft side (giving feedback, coaching, and mentoring)

The macroeconomic environment

Venture capital

Private vs public markets

Non-market macro forces

Financing strategies

From CFO to Chief Performance Officer

Mergers & acquisitions (inlc. a real-time M&A simulation)

Risk management

Digital transformation and finance

The token economy

You will find solutions to key financial challenges, including:

  • How to become a better business partner
  • How to create and maximize stakeholder value
  • How to choose the best financial alternative for a large investment project
  • How to manage mergers and acquisitions
  • How to do risk assessment when expanding your business in other countries
  • How to determine your business’s market value
  • How to price your products competitively
  • How to identify and deal with business risk
  • How to leverage technology in financial services

You will learn from real and relevant case studies, open sessions to discuss your issues, group exercises, videos, and simulations. You will also benefit from the rich experiences of your classmates – a diverse group representing a broad range of nationalities and industries.

Reconnect (liVe virtual, two 90-minute sessions)

  • Reunite with your classmates and Program Director virtually to discuss progress made on the challenge you brought to the program.
  • Report on your experience of sharing your Strategic Finance learnings within your organization.
  • Form a lasting community with your fellow executives to continue exchanging ideas and insights.
One step closer to joining IMD alumni network

Successful completion of this program takes you one step closer to joining IMD’s powerful alumni network.

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