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Blended program
Driving Innovative Finance for Impact

Build organizational capacity for innovative finance solutions in fragile settings.

Blended program

Driving Innovative Finance for Impact

Build organizational capacity for innovative finance solutions in fragile settings.

8 weeks LiVe virtual, 2 days on campus, half day at WEF
CHF 2,500
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Building organizational capacity to lead innovative finance initiatives in the humanitarian and development space.

Innovative finance for humanitarian and development impact is about new types of partnerships across sectors, new ways of working, and new ways of mobilizing additional resources for humanitarian and development outcomes.

This requires a new set of skills for the many different actors involved. These can be humanitarian or development actors, businesses, and investors. Skills include humanitarian and development problem definition and framing, awareness on some financial instruments, building organizational readiness and working collaboratively.

The Driving Innovative Finance for Humanitarian Impact program builds your ability to lead an innovative financing project in the humanitarian and development space. You will identify an advanced high-impact humanitarian and/or development challenge and gain all the necessary tools and skills to further your project successfully and co-create an innovative finance solution to serve those most in need.

You will leave the program fully equipped to set up and manage your project, combined with a rich network of practitioners in the field.

Identify a high-impact project

Identify a project/program of strategic importance to your organization that you could take to the next level.

Overcome challenges

Understand the challenges of scale, impact measurement and collaboration.

Mobilize stakeholders

Learn how to identify key internal and external stakeholders and how to mobilize them.

Be a change agent

Help build the organizational capacity needed to deliver innovative finance solutions.

Connect with a growing community

Be part of a growing community of practitioners and leaders in the field.

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You and your class

The program is ideal for practitioners from humanitarian, development, governmental or international organizations, those working in the philanthropic and development sectors, and forward-looking companies operating in frontier markets.

The typical participant profile includes:

  • Humanitarian or development field managers or experts on a topic
  • Decision makers from diverse industries working in or expanding into frontier markets
  • Senior executive working in the philanthropic
  • Impact investors in frontier markets
  • Corporate professionals from diverse industries
  • Senior ODA (Overseas Development assistance) officials in government and development institutions


Admission of participants to the program will be co-determined by the merit of the projects that they propose to work on during the program. Moreover, participants that are part of teams with at least two persons from one institution will be given preference, as this facilitates fast-tracking of their project. Photo on the right: courtesy of the ICRC audiovisual archives

Benefit from a complimentary profile assessment to see if this is the right program for you.

The course is built on our shared conviction that innovative finance can provide solutions to enable collaboration and partnerships across sectors, widen the resource base, and generate sustainable humanitarian impact at scale – all for the benefit of people affected by conflict and fragility.

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Robert Mardini Director General, International Committee of the Red Cross, Switzerland

An investment mindset and organizational capacity are the critical ingredients for international organizations to unlock the power of innovative finance in fragile settings and beyond. We are excited to help incubate this new IMD program, which will mainstream innovative finance by providing the necessary training so that senior executives can translate potential into deals and results.

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Dr Maximilian Martin Global Head of Philanthropy, Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA, Switzerland

Take advantage of this hands-on learning experience with a strong focus on case studies

IMD’s Driving Innovative Finance for Impact program is the only results-oriented training program available for leaders with global or local responsibility in the humanitarian or development field. It combines liVe virtual sessions, self-paced learning, mentoring, and face-to-face learning on IMD’s Lausanne campus.

Together with a network of partners including the ICRC, Lombard Odier and the World Economic Forum, you will benefit from cutting-edge content and learning materials. The program offers practical, hands-on learning with a strong focus on case studies and unique insights from guest speakers. Each module provides practical takeaways and you will finish the program with a clear roadmap for your project to be supported by an innovative financing approach.

Unique content from partners and guest speakers
Mentoring and group debriefing
Practical takeaways
Rich network of professionals in the field
Your learning journey
Module 1 – Framing the opportunity: introduction to innovative finance

LiVe virtual

Develop a shared understanding of what innovative financing is, what the trends are, and what motivates actors to achieve humanitarian impact.

Videos and readings
2 liVe virtual sessions
Mentoring call

Module 2 – Best fit funding: exploring financial models

LiVe virtual

Learn about different financing solutions through examples and develop your intuition for choosing the right approach.

Understand the criteria that matter most to private investors and the legal and structural challenges that must be overcome to make humanitarian finance work.

Videos and readings
2 liVe virtual sessions
Mentoring call

Module 3 – Partnering across sectors and organizational readiness

LiVe virtual

Contribute to your organizational change and readiness to embrace innovative finance solutions by identifying, executing and delivering a pipeline of innovative solutions at scale.

Videos and readings
2 liVe virtual sessions
Mentoring call

Module 4 – The road ahead for additional impact

Half day at WEF and 2 days on campus

Diverse IMD faculty and guest speakers will share their perspectives ensuring you are equipped to strengthen your project, more specifically on the following topics:

  • Solving big challenges future back
  • Driving impact through stakeholder management
  • The role of culture
  • Impact of culture on organizational readiness
  • The art of successfully pitching your humanitarian project
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Meet your Program Director

Vanina Farber, elea Professor of Social Innovation and Dean of the IMD EMBA program

Meet your Program Director

Vanina Farber, elea Professor of Social Innovation and Dean of the IMD EMBA program

Benefit from faculty expertise and research

Vanina Farber is an economist and political scientist specializing in social innovation, corporate social responsibility and sustainable finance with more than 20 years of consultancy, research and teaching experience, working with academic institutions, multinational corporations and international organizations. She is Dean of our Executive MBA and elea Professor for Social Innovation.

Farber’s research is focused on studying and fostering the application of innovative, practical, sustainable, and inclusive market-oriented approaches that aspire to change the world by eliminating the root causes of social ills. Her research focuses on social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and impact investing, and ESG Integration/sustainable finance. She seeks to understand the social innovation environment through a holistic approach that examines both the supply (entrepreneurs and corporates) and demand side (social but also investors) of social innovation.

Driving Innovative Finance for Impact – Steering Committee

Innovative finance is an emerging field that holds great promise for improving humanitarian and development outcomes in fragile settings and beyond. We are committed to ensuring the program’s continued focus on solving pressing societal problems. The program’s dedicated steering committee meets regularly to identify innovations, new case applications, and relevant emerging practices and research.

IMD’s network of partners

IMD network of partners includes ICRC, Lombard Odier and the World Economic Forum. This program has been incubated and co-funded by Fondation Lombard Odier and is offered at a special reduced fee.

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Length: 8 weeks LiVe virtual, 2 days on campus, 1 day at WEF

Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are included.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.
IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

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