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Sustainability Accelerator

Discovery event exclusive for NEXUS partners
When 25 September 2024
Where Online

This LiVe Virtual event occurs on the 25th & 26th of September 2024, from 9:00 to 12:30 CEST.

Sustainability Accelerator

In light of pressing environmental problems, circular economy has emerged as a model for the next generation of economic value creation. Yet, realizing circularity is challenging. We will explore novel disruptive circular business models, that align environmental and economic value creation, enabling you to capture emerging market opportunities.

Companies pursuing sustainability strategies frequently encounter one or two obstacles. First, a more sustainable product, service, or process often has parallel drawbacks, such as higher costs or inferior performance on some key dimensions, that threaten to put the company launching it at a competitive disadvantage. Second, more sustainable products, services, or processes may face headwinds from unfavorable policies and regulations. We will show that sustainability strategies are more effective if they are accompanied by carefully designed ‘nonmarket’ strategies that are deployed to deliberately shape the business environment to either offset their market disadvantage in cost or performance and/or to shape more favorable legislative and regulatory policies, including norms, voluntary standards, and self-regulatory regimes. We focus on the tools companies can deploy and how to integrate them with the rest of your strategy.

Mandatory sustainability reporting standards will soon be applied around the world. This is a once in a century shift of how we evaluate the performance of a company. How do you use this one-time change in mandatory reporting as an opportunity to gain or maintain competitive advantage and lead your company through these turbulent times? We will shed some light on current developments and discuss major changes of the new reporting landscape.

We will also explore ESG transition risk and its financial implications, focusing on the challenges and opportunities it presents for businesses. We’ll discuss how environmental aspects, like climate change and low-carbon transition, social factors such as stakeholder rights, and governance issues including corporate integrity, impact financial performance. Understanding the relevance of these risks to specific sectors and integrating them into business strategies is crucial. We’ll examine how effectively managing ESG risks not only ensures compliance but also fosters long-term value creation for companies and investors.

Who is this event for

Future and mid- to senior level managers. This reporting change really has an impact on everyone with management / leadership responsibilities.

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