Digital business transformation is a journey that is guided by three questions...

Why transform?

The why transform question is the starting point of all digital business transformations. Organizations need to be clear on the justification for change. Indeed, some industries face more imminent threats than others. Our research found that while close to 50% of respondents in hospitality, retail, and media sectors feared being put out of business due to digital disruption in the next five years, the comparable figure for respondents from the utilities and oil and gas sectors was less than 30% (see our report on The Digital Vortex).

What to transform?

Once the motivation for transformation has been clarified (the answer to the why transform question), the next stage of the journey begins – what to transform? Digital business transformation can take many forms and smart transformation requires prioritization.

How to transform?

It is important to have a clear idea of where transformation is required, and in what order it should be tackled. However, knowing what to do and how to do it are two very different challenges. Thus, the third question: how to transform? Of the three questions in the digital business transformation journey, this question is the hardest to answer. Indeed, many transformation failures can be put down to flawed execution.

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Digital Business Transformation: A Conceptual Framework

The time to transform is now.

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