Case Study

Bata India limited (C): A new journey

10 pages
December 2014
Reference: IMD-7-1626

Under the leadership of Managing Director Rajeev Gopalakrishnan, for the first time in its history, Bata India’s turnover breached the INR 20,000 million (about US$400 million) mark in 2013. Recognising the immense transformation occurring in the Indian retail space with the establishment of high-profile shopping malls, as well as the emergence of the brand-conscious increasingly younger Indian consumer, Gopalakrishnan focused on gearing the company towards growth through customer-centricity. Case C describes the steps taken by Gopalakrishnan to secure the position and brand image of the company in the retail footwear industry. In a market rife with competition, including mounting threat from international brands, Gopalakrishnan set an ambitious goal to grow Bata India into a US$1 billion company by 2019. The new challenge was how to grow the company 2.5 times in five years?

Learning Objective

1) Moving from a product-centric to a customer-centric organisation; 2) Building brand image and customer loyalty; 3) Assessing growth options; 4) Aligning strategy and marketing to a rapidly changing consumer market.

Sustainability Strategy, Growth Strategy, Competition, Branding, Customer Centricity, Brand Management, Repositioning
Asia, India
Bata Shoes, Consumer Services, Retail, Consumer Goods, Footwear
Field Research
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