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Switzerland – Geneva
IMD Alumni Club

Switzerland – Geneva

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Welcome to the IMD Alumni Club of Switzerland – Geneva

Dear Fellow IMD Alumni, dear Guests,


A warm welcome to the IMD Alumni Geneva Club! As an Alum of IMD you belong to one of the most influential and active networks in Switzerland and worldwide.


We typically hold one event each month, under various formats: business luncheon with top ranked executives, academics or relevant contributors from the social and cultural field, onsite company visits, after-work drinks, roundtables. Other events include the golf tournament and the business school ball.


We have developed strong relationships with other top business schools as well as the EPFL in Lausanne. We also want to develop the communities such as ACE (Alumni Community for Entrepreneurship).


We strive to offer various activities to give you the opportunity to develop your network with our diverse community, to generate business relationships and to allow for continuous learning.


On this site, you will find the upcoming events and other information about the club. To become a member, you just have to pay a modest contribution of CHF 100.- per year. You will receive a significant discount on the full price of our events and you will be invited to special events with limited access, such as company visits.


And please, don’t forget to go to My Profile on IMD’s website to verify and update your details as soon as possible!


The Committee is very grateful for any feedback, suggestions for improvements or ideas for events. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Committee members Vanessa Monestel – President, Irina Polichschuk – Treasurer, Bertrand Mueller, Fabien Duteil, Sergio Locatelli, Claudio Mellace, Xavier Panhard, Virginie van Doorn
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    To pay or renew your membership to our Club has never been so easy! Click the following link now www.imd.org/myimd/membership, and select the Geneva Club.

    Pay or Renew your annual subscription for 2023 by credit card, CHF100 for ALL of 2023!

    If you are a new member, please say hello to us by announcing your new subscription to our secretary Anne-Laure at [email protected]

    If you need support, don’t worry ! Visit our Help page https://www.imd.org/help/faqs-help/

    Looking forward to meeting or seeing you again soon.

     - IMD Business School

    Mystery Coffee 2023

    Networking event open to paying members of the IMD Alumni Clubs of Lausanne and Geneva

    The IMD Alumni Clubs of Lausanne and Geneva are delighted to offer you to participate in Mystery Coffee, an alternative opportunity to meet fellow alumni to exchange on common business interests, share industry practices or simply chat about similar personal hobbies.

    To do so is very simple: you just need to register by clicking here.

    Based on your preferences, the system will invite you for a virtual coffee at your desired pace.

    Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet” – Simon Sinek

    Club Committee
     - IMD Business School
    Vanessa Monestel

    EMBA 2008, PED 2007

    Atelier Laurent Ferrier, CEO

     - IMD Business School
    Irina Polishchuk

    SL 2009, Custom programs 2006, 2010

    Strategy and Business development

     - IMD Business School
    Bertrand Mueller

    Committee member
    MBA 1995, OWP 2018 and 2020

    DAA Capital Partners

     - IMD Business School
    Sergio Locatelli

    Committee member since 2013
    OWP 2012, HPL 2016

    Alcon Laboratories Inc, Marketing Director

     - IMD Business School
    Fabien Duteil

    Committee member since 2019
    EMBA 2018, FBL 2017

    MIND Développement Cybersécurité SA

     - IMD Business School
    Virginie van Doorn

    Committee member since 2021
    FBL 2017, TBL 2017


     - IMD Business School
    Stefano Dagosta

    Stefano built a solid career in technology, he served both International Organizations and the private sector with roles spanning from technical management to sales and advisory. He pursued the IMD MBA in 2020 and he holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Politecnico di Torino.

    He is passionate about gardening and cooking – originally from Sicily, Stefano has lived in Geneva since 2012.

     - IMD Business School
    Xavier Panhard

    Committee Member
    EMBA 2018, FBL 2017