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Leadership development programs give you the edge you need to boost your leadership impact, reach your full potential and create the career path you aspire to throughout your professional life.

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Want to lead your teams more effectively?
Become a better leader by improving your self-awareness. A highly experiential program where you explore team dynamics and what happens deep beneath the surface
Want to make a bigger impact as a leader?
Experience the training that successful business leaders and world-class athletes use to consistently achieve great results. Based on principles of hostage negotiation
Want to become a better version of yourself?
Exclusive, intensive and inspirational program for senior executives. Accelerate your ability to unleash energy and engagement across all levels of your organization
Women only
Want to step up as a woman in business?
Discover new ways to become a more visible and assertive leader within your organization. A program addressing typical challenges facing women throughout their career
Want help transitioning into a new leadership role?
Diagnose the situations you have inherited, define strategic direction, build your teams, create alliances, and secure early wins. Leave with a detailed plan to action
Want to supercharge your leadership?
Exclusively for High Performance Leadership alumni. As your challenges and context change, renew your leadership skills to stay relevant and effective
Want to learn online?
IMD online programs consist of 8 weeks of online study with a personal coach who guides you through an impactful learning journey every week.

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