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Business Development Training: unlock your leadership potential

Business Development Training for leaders

Business development training can help you become the business leader you want to be. Good training in business gives you the tools and skills to analyze your challenges and then find strategic solutions – in your current job or your next one. The trick is to choose effective management training that exactly suits your needs.

So, how do you identify the right training for you? IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, offers some ideas below to help you maximize your outcomes from business development training.

Identify the right training:

  1. Know your development needs
  2. Find the right training program
  3. Make the right choice

1. Know your development needs

What is it exactly that you need when it comes to furthering your business development competencies? Being clear about where you are now and where you want to go is the best way to determine your training needs. Once you know your goals, ask what skills and knowledge you’ll need to excel in that role.

Are you, for example, a functional manager aiming to move into general management? If so, you should look for business development training programs that broaden your competencies, sharpen your leadership skills and expand your knowledge of the global business environment. More junior managers have different business training and development needs, so need business and leadership development courses specifically designed for their level. And CEOs and other senior managers should look for an executive leadership development program that addresses business development issues faced by top management.

2. Find the right training program

You know the jump you want to make and the skills you’ll need there, so it’s time to start looking for business development training that perfectly fits you – because one-size-fits-all training is not effective.

For example, what fits best with your schedule? A long, intense training program away from your office and home, or one that combines residential modules with distance learning? Look too for programs that let you address an issue of interest to you and your company – this will maximize your learning and generate immediate value. You should also leave a course with create concrete action plans for business development.

3. Make the right choice

Your research should have turned up a number of business development training courses that aim for the desired outcomes and the right target skills. How do you choose from among them?

Here are a few tips:

A top business management school: You’re investing in yourself – make it count. Independent business school rankings will help you identify the top institutions. IMD’s 100% focus on executive education motivates us to constantly innovate and ensure great fit and real outcomes in all our business development training. This consistently earns us top position in international rankings in respected publications like the Financial Times.

Innovative design: Business development training must offer stimulating, eye-opening, and relevant learning that really sticks. Look for insightful teaching on critical business challenges by renowned professors, as well as hands-on experiences to drive your learning home.

Immediate and long-term value: As mentioned above, look for programs that create immediate added value to your organization through, for example, a specific company project. And moving forward, business development training should contribute in meaningful ways through new skills, expanded horizons and a strong professional network. You should grow your overall ability to evaluate, understand and act. This ensures you’re ready for unpredictable and complex situations as you advance in your career.

The “it worked” factor: Past participants are your best measure to know what works. Look for credible testimonials describing concrete outcomes – something you should always expect from good business development training.

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