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Mega diving into a grand finale

OWP Singapore wraps up with an experience aimed at idea generation
December 2016

After undergoing an intensive week-long executive program, how does one retain the newly acquired knowledge? And, more than just retention, how does one apply it back at the office?

IMD’s Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) program in Singapore takes a unique approach to learning that incorporates a Mega Dive to activate program insights.

The Mega Dive experience is a giant team approach to developing solutions to challenges or opportunities by combining brainstorming and prototyping. It’s an exercise in innovation and idea generation, but also one that lends itself to teambuilding, group collaboration and cultural understanding.

Here’s what participants in the 2016 mega dive at OWP had to say about it:

“Undergoing this process really helps you to see the importance of feedback. As we gather thoughts from peers, expand prototypes and adjust our ideas, each time they get better and better. I see an immediate use for this back at - IMD Business School the office; working in coal mining, commodities are facing a period of serious disruption and we’ll have to innovate for the future.” – Arisara Sakoongaravek, BANPU Public Co., Thailand

“This innovation approach isn’t entirely new. Our company has already been rather active in carrying out similar exercises for finding solutions. However doing it in the OWP environment brings a different element with the diverse industries being represented. At the office, we all have similar ideas and ways of thinking, but this mega dive showed the advantage of developing far reaching ideas.” – Andreas Biermann, BASF Asia, Malaysia

“The structure and design of the mega dive is superb. But there is so much going on at once, you really have to stay on your toes or you can miss things in the instruction! Overall, I found the exercise good in molding the thinking process. And the small things shouldn’t be overlooked. The equipment [stickers, legos, colored memos and post-its, markers, iPads and flipcharts] adds to the creative process, helping to express ideas in different places. Working in R&D, this is definitely a methodology we could use to develop new programs.” – Rusmanita Abd Ani, Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA), Malaysia

“The mega dive’s strength is that the entire process is time bound. This makes it efficient in our use of time and in the ability to maximize the short time to achieve a result.” – Bing Paraguas, Accenture, Philippines

“This was definitely a new and unique experience and during the first meeting I wasn’t sure of what would come out of it. But the innovative learning approach produced great results and it would be interesting to try on smaller groups.” – Helge Puhlmann, Yamaichi Electronics, Germany

“Here we have a new way of thinking to help solve challenges and obstacles in a systematic way. I like that there’s no limitations on the ideas that can be formulated and I think the exercise helps to create team building and overcome internal conflict. I’d like to put it into practice right away and adopt it.” – Nabil Aloufi, Saudi Stock Exchange (tadawul), Saudi Arabia

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